Google Analytics Advanced Resources List

Advanced Google Analytics Resources

Last week I shared a list of Google Analytics Resources for beginners and intermediate level users. Many people viewed these resources and shared on social media. Even the Google Analytics marketing team picked on the resources and shared. Thanks to all who spread the word!

This week was another week of an intense teaching schedule that prevented me from writing a full blog post. Given the success of beginner and intermediate resources, I am providing some more “advanced” resources as well. Of course, advanced is a relative term, but these resources are helpful for those who are looking to take Google Analytics to another level.

Again, my long term wish is to turn this into a more formal resource/guide (Periodic Table of GA 2015 Edition?), but in my time bankrupt state, I am just going right to the resources today.


Google Analytics Advanced Resources

Here are resources and functions in Google Analytics that may be useful as you become more advanced in your use of the tool.

Upload data to google Analytics

There are two main ways to upload data into Google Analytics. One is to use measurement protocol to write a program to push data into GA. The other is to use the data import function. Data import function allows for programmatic uploads or CSV file uploads. Here is more info on each:

Becoming a Google Analytics Certified Partner

Tag Manager Developer Guide

Social Interaction Tracking

Google Analytics Tracking Code Enhancements

Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking for Universal Analytics

Building Dashboards and reports with Google Analytics data

Variable Guide for Google Tag Manager

Search Engine Configuration (what are default search engines)

Fun Stuff

Google Analytics IQ Testing Info:

More Resources

Google Analytics Resources for Beginner and Intermediate Level Users


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