Digital Strategy – Avoiding Ready Fire Aim Marketing

Ready Fire Aim Marketing SMX Munich

I gave two presentations at this years SMX conference in Munich. The first presentation is a version of a talk I have given several times in the past year about digital measurement strategy, and is also the subject of this companion blog post.

While I hope to cover all of the slides from this presentation in future posts, today I wanted to talk specifically about the need for strategy in digital marketing.

There is too much industry focus is on tactical marketing and tools to get the job done. I have been in countless meetings where the focus was around which tools we should purchase to perform the most efficient and desirable digital marketing campaigns.

That is the wrong question.  [Continue reading]

32,199 Reasons I Dislike Posts with a Specific Number in the Title and 1 Trick to Avoid Them

Avoiding Click Bait Titles

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Someone is Always Listening and Your Words Have Impact

Your Words Have Impact

About 1% of the posts I write get more than 100 social shares. Probably 50% of the posts get no shares beyond my auto scheduled social posts. It is enough to want me to give up writing at times. But there are always moments that keep me pushing … [Continue reading]

10 Google Analytics Tips for Measuring Content Performance


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Want a PPC Job? You better be able to answer this one question!

green find job enter button

Hiring quality PPC managers was always very difficult. I reviewed thousands of resumes, had hundreds of phone screens, tons of in person interviews and even made a few hires along the way. With so many data points to reference between candidates, … [Continue reading]

Your Website Survey is Ruining My Life


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Reflecting on 10 Years of Google AdWords Management


As I record the video lessons for PPC Course, I can’t help but take a trip down memory lane. My thoughts are almost always forward. What’s next? When will it be there? How can I use it to help my business? Rarely do I take time to look in the … [Continue reading]

The 2014 Year in Review That’s Too Late and Nobody Will Probably Read


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Become a Google AdWords Expert in 28 Days

Become A Google AdWords Expert

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8 Steps for Eliminating Bad Data in Google Analytics


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Tracking Backbone.js eCommerce Transactions with Google Analytics


Today's post is a guest post from Josh Moe. After taking my Google Analytics training class this fall, Josh has been diving deep into the technical aspects of Google Analytics for his clients, with excellent results. When Josh told me about a problem … [Continue reading]