Spreading Yourself Too Thin: A Case Study

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I have always been transparent here at Jeffalytics with successes, and also try to share when things don’t go as well as I had hoped.

One of my projects has not gone according to plan, and I have decided to wind it down. Here are the painful details about how I reached that decision.

Let’s make this river two streams

Things were so innocent last January. I started teaching at the University of St. Thomas (my alma mater) and the class was well received. It is a Digital Marketing Certificate class (the first in Minnesota) and focused on the strategy behind digital marketing efforts. The audience was post-graduates who already had marketing careers who needed a digital update, as well as those looking for a career change.  [Continue reading]

Is There ANY Value in Digital Marketing Best Practices?

Best Practices

This morning I participated in my first #PPCChat in a long time, and it reminded me of both the good and bad that can come from trying to create value in 140 characters. But first, I wanted to bring your attention to PPC Chat, in case you were not … [Continue reading]

Is Google Analytics Newest Data Quality Issue the Most Challenging?


Author’s Note: This post is asking an honest question about some issues I am noticing with the quality of data in Google Analytics. My business relies on the generosity of Google to provide Google Analytics for free to many satisfied users, and by no … [Continue reading]

Should You Worry About Visitor Pathway Analysis?


Imagine you are in a meeting with a new client. Everything is going well, almost too well. Your suggestions are well received. Your geeky jokes get the laughs you anticipated. You are on top of the world. Then it happens. Just as you think you … [Continue reading]

Digital Strategy – Avoiding Ready Fire Aim Marketing

Ready Fire Aim Marketing SMX Munich

I gave two presentations at this years SMX conference in Munich. The first presentation is a version of a talk I have given several times in the past year about digital measurement strategy, and is also the subject of this companion blog post. While … [Continue reading]

32,199 Reasons I Dislike Posts with a Specific Number in the Title and 1 Trick to Avoid Them

Avoiding Click Bait Titles

[Continue reading]

Someone is Always Listening and Your Words Have Impact

Your Words Have Impact

About 1% of the posts I write get more than 100 social shares. Probably 50% of the posts get no shares beyond my auto scheduled social posts. It is enough to want me to give up writing at times. But there are always moments that keep me pushing … [Continue reading]

10 Google Analytics Tips for Measuring Content Performance


Everything is content. Especially in a post-panguin world. Content is on our minds, invading our subconscious and eating the world. Content is king and queen. Heck, it’s the entire court. All this talk of content, but do we have the … [Continue reading]

Want a PPC Job? You better be able to answer this one question!

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Hiring quality PPC managers was always very difficult. I reviewed thousands of resumes, had hundreds of phone screens, tons of in person interviews and even made a few hires along the way. With so many data points to reference between candidates, … [Continue reading]

Your Website Survey is Ruining My Life


This post uses colorful language. If you are offended by language, please feel free to sit this one out. I have been on a mission lately to capture all of those interruptive survey popups that I see on websites and put them in an Evernote file. I … [Continue reading]

Reflecting on 10 Years of Google AdWords Management


As I record the video lessons for PPC Course, I can’t help but take a trip down memory lane. My thoughts are almost always forward. What’s next? When will it be there? How can I use it to help my business? Rarely do I take time to look in the … [Continue reading]