Episode 27: Aaron Weiche

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Aaron Weiche is the Chief Marketing Officer at Get Five Stars and Vice President of MnSearch.

Aaron is one of my oldest friends in the online marketing world, and we have been helping each other grow our careers for nearly a decade. So I’m honored to have a chance to share our friendship and Aaron’s great story with all of you.

What can I say about Aaron Weiche? First, he’s among the most honest and ethical people I’ve ever come across. He always has a sunny disposition, never gets too fired up and just does the work needed to succeed in life.

And succeed he has, growing two agencies exponentially and last year joining a startup that already has 20,000 customers. But even more importantly, he has a lovely family that supports him every step of the way.

Aaron is the definition of a good dude, and you might say I developed a bit of a man-crush over the years. Yes, I just confessed to a man-crush on the podcast. Hopefully that doesn’t cause me to lose any listeners.

Anyway, listen along to hear about Aaron Weiche’s journey. From selling one-page websites to chief marketing officer at Get Five Stars, working for a company with a mission of helping small businesses manage their reputation and provide a better customer experience. Even his startup is down to earth.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Aaron Weiche

On personal branding:

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On digital marketing mistique:

I go to bed smart, I wake up stupid Click to Tweet

On getting customer feedback:

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