Advanced PPC for E-Commerce Websites (Presentation)

Advanced E-Commerce PPC

Last week I had the pleasure of giving a presentation to a local group of e-commerce companies and marketers on the topic of Intermediate and Advanced PPC tactics, how to get better at managing your PPC accounts, and tips for working better with PPC agencies.

While my talk focused mostly on tactics for Google AdWords, much of the information is valuable across all Paid Search platforms.

Intermediate and Advanced E-Commerce PPC Tactics

The presentation starts off talking about PPC tactics that have come out in the past 1-2 years that help make paid search better in an e-commerce environment. Maybe you know about these already, but many people are not utilizing them. You can experience great results if you implement:

Self Management Tips

For those managing campaigns themselves, I provided a better understanding of how you can better manage your campaigns. Simple tips include:

  • Utilizing keyword match types
  • Negative Keywords
  • CPA Bidding
  • Integrating with Google Analytics
  • Checking your Quality Scores
  • Investing in Landing Pages
  • Bid Management

Last, I did a two part focus on how companies can get along better with their agencies. I combined items that should be done by both an agency and the e-commerce company.

What makes a good PPC Agency?

  • Separates out reporting of Brand and Non-Brand keyword performance
  • Provides fully loaded costs in reporting
  • Wary of charging based on % of spend due to wrong incentives
  • Focuses on promoting your best and most unique products
  • Understands your business needs
  • Has industry or category experience (although you shouldn't overvalue this)

What makes a good PPC Client?

  • Can create new landing pages easily
  • Understands their product inventory and availability
  • Adds new products regularly
  • Understands the demand for new products
  • Offers unique and differentiated products
  • Has a test and learn budget
  • Has clear business objectives
  • Clearly defines campaign goals
  • Understands how long it takes for an account to reach maturity
  • Knows the nuances between metrics online and offline

What did I miss?

While this presentation was meant to be thought provoking and to the point, the talk actually lasted over two and a half hours including questions and answers.

What else should I have included?


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