Episode 44: AJ Wilcox

aj wilcox podcast

Today for our 44th episode, we will talk with AJ Wilcox, the worlds foremost LinkedIn Ads expert and owner of B2Linked.

AJ and I met in London a few years ago at Hero Conference. We sat down for lunch with several other brilliant PPC marketers and started a conversation. It was a lot of fun getting to know AJ, and he was nice enough to put me in touch with the organizers at SLCSEM, where he is a board member.

We met up again in SLC last summer and he even picked me up from the airport – what a great guy! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know AJ over the past few years and I know you’ll enjoy this conversation as well.

I was hoping to meet up with AJ again this week in Bologna for the AdWorld Experience conference, but he had another commitment already booked. So we set up our interview while I was back in the US and I’m recording this intro from my VRBO place in Venice, just minutes before catching a train to Bologna.

I learned quite a bit in this episode about LinkedIn ads, how to attack a niche you find interesting, and even got to hear about how AJ found his niche in the first place. His path is both super unique and a highly interesting field of focus. It was fun to learn how he moved from ad dabbler to LinkedIn ads expert.

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Quotable moments from our talk with AJ Wilcox

On importance of social proof:

Social Proof is one of the strongest conversion boosters Click to Tweet

On theory vs practice:

You gotta have both theoretical AND practical knowledge in order to make it in digital marketing Click to Tweet

On making that leap into entrepreneurship:

I literally had to get laid off before I got into starting my own business Click to Tweet

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