Episode 30: Andrea Warner

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Today for our 30th episode, we will talk with Andrea Warner, A/B Testing Evangelist and Community Architect at Big Barker.

Andrea and I met in Salt Lake City earlier this year when I talked with the local SLCSEM organization about analytics. I remember being so positively blown away by the people of Salt Lake city. So sharp, positive and really genuinely nice people.

Andrea is no exception. We started our interview like two old friends talking. Andrea shared her very interesting origin story (not to bury the lead, but she was a special ed teacher) and how she was able to break into this industry.

You won’t believe the incredible break she had to get started here. Fortunately, Andrea shared it with us in great detail now that the statute of limitations has passed.

We hear about Andrea’s progression and what she’s up to now all in today’s episode.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Andrea Warner

On making your UX awesome:

10 ft away from your monitor your CTA should be visible Click to Tweet
Show your website to a 5 year old and ask if it's clear enough Click to Tweet

On becoming an entrepreneur:

In order to scale, entrepreneurs should hire someone to do what their core skill is Click to Tweet
Thank heaven for ADD because that's what pushes most entrepreneurs forward Click to Tweet

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  • September 28, 2016
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