Episode 13: Angie Schottmuller

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Welcome back to the Jumpstart podcast! This is the first episode of our second season, and I couldn’t think of a better person to kick off our show.

Today we bring you a story of a girl who challenged status quo in the digital marketing world. Perfection was her enemy, mediocrity – kryptonite. Each time she faced the wall? She chose to stand up and fight.

Be sure to listen all of the way until the end of the show to hear a delightful tribute to Angie’s story, as written and performed by Uros, a dear friend of Jeffalytics.

Angie Schottmuller and I almost crossed paths while I was rollerblading in the parking lot of a company she used to work for. Almost.

I know what you’re thinking – that’s crazy that Jeff would admit to rollerblading on his podcast. The things I do for my listeners…

But this post is not about Jeff rollerblading and wearing neon green lycra pants. Because that never happened. You hear me? That never happened.

Talking with Angie Schottmuller was a real treat. She provided insights into how to make your marketing solutions repeatable, what do you do when your first blogpost shatters traffic records, and whether it’s possible to improve a website in just four hours!

But before we talk with Angie, let’s have a word from our sponsor

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Angie’s insights are so natural and intuitive that you will finish this episode motivated to go and produce better marketing efforts. This is a must listen episode if you want to take your personal brand and marketing efforts to the next level.

Plus it comes with a perk at the end that may just be the song of the century!

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Quotable moments from Angie’s interview

On the importance of being yourself (and even more importantly, being rebellious):

Be a rebel, pave your own path Click to Tweet

On being a perfectionist:

Perfection is my enemy, mediocrity - kryptonite Click to Tweet

On rising above the noisy world of marketing:

Identify the mundane and turn it into something exceptional Click to Tweet

On just how much content there is out there:

Google Panda update pushed everyone towards content creation which caused so much noise on the web Click to Tweet

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