Episode 24: Anna Lewis

Today for our 24th episode, we will talk with Anna Lewis, Google Analytics Analyst at Wiggle in the UK.

If you have been in the Google Analytics community for the past few years, you may have come across Anna’s name participating in Google+ forum discussions, blog posts and speaking at conferences about advanced analytics.

My friend Doug Hall (aka @fastbloke on Twitter) told me that Anna would be a great guest for the show. I couldn’t agree more.

Anna started her marketing career in SEO, but quickly was drawn to the accountability of measurable channels like paid search. From there, analytics seemed like a perfect path of pursuit. Learn how Anna made the decision to pursue analytics, and also stay tuned for some other news that Anna has to share in today’s episode.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Anna Lewis

On making use of analytics:

Keep asking the C-suite what they are hoping to gain from their reports Click to Tweet

On finding the right balance:

Always evaluate whether you should add new tracking to your site or if you can get by with the tracking you already have Click to Tweet

On tooling in analytics:

The best tool out there is worth nothing if you can't use it to deliver insights to your organization Click to Tweet

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