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How to Setup Google Analytics Offline Tracking

Google Analytics is an online-only tracking tool. True or False? The answer is… False.   Well, mostly false. Google Analytics can track any visit to your website, even if it comes from offline promotions and advertising. As long as your offline advertising triggers someone to visit a website, Google Analytics can track it! You can use […]

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How to use Google Signals and the Cross Device Tracking Reports

This past July Google announced and released an epic new analytics innovation – Google Signals. Signals is a built-in Google Analytics (GA) feature that allows you to enable cross-device tracking in your Analytics account, without any manual tracking code adjustments. When Google announced the addition of automatic cross-device tracking to GA, my mind was bit […]

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5 Keys to Building a Perfect Marketing KPI Dashboard

The majority of businesses measure the impact of their marketing efforts by producing reports that highlight the performance of their growth initiatives. Over time, every business reaches the natural conclusion that the only way to understand whether their marketing is driving results is to put some numbers behind their assumptions. Some companies will build bare-bones […]

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How do Google Analytics sessions affect your website’s data?

Google Analytics Sessions: No, this is not a collection of Google Analytics’s greatest guitar-shredding jams! Sessions are how Google Analytics tracks each time your website visitors come to your site. Understanding sessions can be a bit confusing and figuring out how Google calculates sessions can get even more confusing. Don’t despair. We have created this blog […]

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Google Analytics Tagging Guide and Checklist

What’s the primary purpose of Google Analytics? To track, report and measure the activity that happens on your website, right? Of course, tracking, reporting, and measuring the activities that happen on your website all require you placing some code on your website. You can’t get very far in analytics without tagging your site. What’s a tag? […]

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The Complete Google Analytics Account Setup Guide

Google Analytics is awesome. Just sign up for an account, put some code on your site, and you’re analyzing traffic in minutes! And therein lies the problem! The problem with the default Google Analytics installation settings is that it’s too easy! With Google’s one-size-fits-all solution for tracking, you can get data in minutes. But using […]

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