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Troubleshooting the Google Analytics Demographics Reports

Google Analytics demographics reports provide powerful information about your website visitors. These reports can show you data about your audiences’ Age, Gender, Interests, And buying preferences. This demographic information can help you answer one of the most critical marketing questions: “Who is my customer, and what do they want?” The demographics reports are supposed to […]

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Google Analytics Content Grouping Guide and Checklist

Want to be able to quickly analyze your website based on your page topics or product categories? Why not use the content grouping feature in Google Analytics! Content grouping can be a valuable analysis tool for e-commerce stores with lots of product listings and blogs that frequently post new content. You can use content groups to evaluate traffic, conversions, and page […]

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Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads – 3 Major Innovations You Need to Know About

Google held their Marketing Live Innovations Keynote presentation for 2018 last week, and Wow! They dropped some bombshell announcements on the marketing world. So what’s up with Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform? That’s what we’ll talk about in this post. In case (like me), you missed the live stream of this presentation, you might […]

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