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87: 10 Things I No Longer Believe

Today I am going to share 10 things I no longer believe as it pertains to business and career success. I will dissect the wisdom of myself in my 20’s and contrast them to how I feel about things in my mid 30’s. It’s funny as I go through this list of items, I realize […]

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How to Setup Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics

In this post, we’re going to delve deep into a topic that keeps analytics consultants in business – Cross-domain tracking. Cross-domain tracking is a term we use to describe the act of tracking multiple domains in a single Google Analytics property. Now, cross-domain tracking is a pretty advanced concept that is not easily understood. It’s also […]

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How to create a Google Analytics SEO dashboard

Do you want to see your most important SEO data every time you login into Google Analytics? Are you afraid that you don’t have enough time to dig through your analytics reports every day? Then let’s solve this problem by building a Google Analytics SEO dashboard. Dashboards provide an easy to access and easy to share view […]

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85: Networking on a Mountain in Hungary

Let’s talk about the value of networking. Specifically, let’s talk about how making connections and friends in your industry is like compounding interest. One meeting at a conference can lead to another conference to another opportunity and much more. It’s a pretty wild ride, and I wanted to share how one single conference, my first […]

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