Episode 40: Ayat Shukairy

Today for our 40th episode, we will talk with Ayat Shukairy, Co-Founder of Invesp, serial entrepreneur and someone who literally wrote the book on conversion rate optimization.

I was introduced to Ayat from a podcast listener who heard my interview with Talia Wolf in episode 38, and suggested that we connect. I’m sure glad we did.

Ayat joined me from Istanbul, while I was on the line from Thailand. And now it’s coming to you, wherever you are listening from! This continues to be one of my favorite things about the podcast format. I have been on the road for well over a year now, and podcasts are one of the most consistent things I have in my life.

They keep me connected with the world and keep me inspired. For example, my recent routine has involved biking up Doi Suthep mountain and listening to the Marketing in your car podcast from Russel Brunson. He’s giving me tons of valuable ideas for how to best structure my Agency Course launch in March. Hopefully the Jumpstart podcast is also becoming part of your routine. And if it is, please do leave us a review on iTunes or whatever podcasting application you use.

Back to Ayat. How does an English teacher get into SEO? How does an SEO get into CRO? How many acronyms can I use in one breath? You’ll find all of these answers and more as we talk with Ayat.

Listen on to learn how to drum up interest in your agency through speaking, word of mouth and writing books. Learn how Ayat developed a methodology to help clients, and how this has resulted in conversion rate increases of over 65% for her customers.

And then hear our prognosis for where the fascinating world of Conversion Rate Optimization may be heading in the future.

It was a real treat to talk with Ayat, and to listen to an entrepreneur who never stops striving to get better at her craft. There is a lot to learn for all of us.

Quotable moments from our talk with Ayat Shukairy

On stubborn clients:

Sometimes even unequivocal test data isn't enough to persuade a client to follow CRO guidelines Click to Tweet

On CRO methodology:

#Research: #market, #traffic, #competition, existing flows on #website, #buyers vs #non-buyers... Click to Tweet

On importance of informing your audience:

Have a loyalty program? Make sure your loyal customers know about it! Obvious, yet often overseen. Click to Tweet

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