The Best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Auto Posting Your Content

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time crafting the perfect blog post. You sit down to write the definitive post about a topic, conduct research, and endure several rewrites until you have an article that you feel is worthy of publishing. Great content takes hours (sometimes days, weeks or years) to write and by the time you are done, you are ready to move on to something else.

For those of us who are not professional writers, much of this writing time goes on during a time where your readers aren’t online en masse. For example, I am writing this blog post on a Sunday afternoon. Nobody is going to read this post if I publish as soon as I get done, and posting great content prematurely can mean a death sentence for its shareability in social media.

Jeffalytics stats from Jetpack Stats

Jeffalytics gets the most comments on Tuesdays according to Jetpack Stats

That means that I will schedule this blog post to go live Tuesday or Wednesday in order to capture as many eyeballs as possible amongst my social networks. Publishing content at an ideal time often yields ideal engagement, so I need to be conscious of this when publishing.

Post Scheduling

Even though I am writing this on a Sunday, I plan to publish on Tuesday morning to get the most possible activity

Social Media Promotion is Extremely Important

In addition to getting timing right with posting, it is also imperative that each time I publish a post that I syndicate it to all of my relevant social networks in order to drive new visitors to my site. This also helps me achieve search rankings, especially when posting to Google Plus.

Side Note: In 2013, I  did a study  about just how important Google+ is for search rankings and the results  were staggering. Also check out  the full Google+ Search Rankings Report by clicking on the book cover to the right.

If you are trying to establish your site as an authority, you need to be active on social media for your content to be found. The first step to discovery is posting to your own social networks each time you create a new piece of content.

But I’m not always near a computer at the time that a post goes live, and sometimes I simply forget to promote my new post to Twitter or Google+. Other times I’m just so relieved to get the post done that I don’t even think to promote. Regardless of the situation, I realized long ago that I need to automate the way I promote content on my social networks.

Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of solutions available for automatically promoting your blog posts to social media networks, with social media auto posting being a high area for innovation in recent years.

Social Media Auto Posting – Which Service is Best?


Twitterfeed Intro PageI started off years ago using a service called Twitterfeed to post directly from my RSS feed to my Twitter account. It worked well for many years (so well that I never had to look elsewhere until 2013). Twitterfeed closed its doors in October 2016.

While Twitterfeed had support for Facebook and LinkedIn, I had to stop using it due to a few quirks with the way that it was working for my sites. Particularly, I did not like that:

  • It didn’t always post all of my articles in a timely manner and sometimes it just forgot to post at all. This is likely because it is RSS feed driven and the feed may not have properly pinged the service, but either way it was not consistent enough for my needs.
  • There are some quirks with the way a feed has to go into Facebook to show up with a thumbnail image that also affected how the content posted on Twitter (instead of just showing the title, it shows the first sentence of the post as well).
  • Making edits to your feeds is nerve wracking and not advisable.
  • Sometimes it crosses streams and shares the wrong content to the wrong network. This happened to me when I posted a personal post to the Three Deep blog on accident years ago. Not good.
  • Many other little quirks that have not been worked out over the years.
  • Needless to say, I have migrated away from Twitterfeed over the years and I don’t see it being a viable option for me anytime again.

Jetpack Has Some Cool Features

I started trying Jetpack in 2012 based on a Tweet I received from Matt Mullenweg from WordPress.

Matt Mullenweg Tweets Jeff Sauer

I had always been skeptical of Jetpack for a while because I thought it really only worked with blogs (it’s called Jetpack by, but then I realized my perception was wrong after Matt made the suggestion. After installing, I noticed a feature called Publicize and decided to give it a shot.

Jetpack from WordPress, including Publicize

Publicize easily connected to my social network accounts and was a breeze to install, but it was missing integration with Google+ at the time, which is the network I view to be the most important network for me achieving search rankings.

The other thing that I don’t love about Jetpack Publicize was that I appeared to only be able to publish to one Facebook page at a time. I could not post to my personal Facebook account + my Facebook fan page at the same time. This caused a problem for my Travel Blog, which I want to share with friends and followers (two separate populations).

If it wasn’t for those two factors, I would gladly continue to use Jetpack. Fortunately, I found a plugin that does all of these things and more!

SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster) is the Best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Auto Posting

In 2013 there was at least one social media auto posting tool that integrates with Google+, and that is Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP). I came across this plugin recently and it has solved all of my problems posting my content to social networks.

Social Networks Auto Poster Supported Services

Social Networks Auto Poster Supported Services

The SNAP API Run-Time/base version of the plugin is $49 per year to get the version that allows you to post to Google+. I gladly upgraded to this version and have never looked back.

While I plan to do a full dedicated review of this plugin in the future, I will let you know what sets this plugin apart from the others:

  • Google+ and Pinterest posting
  • You can delay your auto posting by up to 48 hours after the publish date (Pro Version)
  • When you post to Twitter and Facebook, you need to set up an App to post. It looks awesome seeing your website name as the app who sent out the tweet or blog post

Auto Posted through Official Apps

  • Auto Posted through Official Apps
  • More than one account allowed for Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Pro Version)
  • Everything looks as if I did all of my posting by hand. It’s beautiful
  • It’s native to WordPress, so does not rely on RSS or pinging to work, which is great for future-proofing

Having used applications to post to my social networks for years and always being a little disappointed with how the tools worked, I can say that SNAP is by far the best tool that I have ever used in this regard. Expect a full review and tutorial on how to use the product in the future, but for now I suggest that you give the SNAP API Run-Time of the plugin a try. You will not be disappointed.

Bonus Tip: I actually have modified my auto posting of this article to send an @ message to NextScripts on Twitter to make them aware that they are my chosen winner. Maybe this will bring the article to their attention and they might even retweet or respond to the post. That’s a powerful way to reach your target audience!

Automatically Ping NextScripts when post goes live

Automatically Ping NextScripts when post goes live

What do you think? Are there any other networks out there that do the same thing? Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure – I originally wrote this post in 2013 to showcase my long journey to discovery. At a later date I added an affiliate link to purchase SNAP, so clicking on these links does earn me a small commission. Please note that the content of this post was in no way influenced by SNAP. My motivation for writing this post was pure.

About the Author

Jeff Sauer is an independent Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Teacher based out of a suitcase somewhere in the world. Formerly of Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA.

  • Anthony

    Thanks for the post man! I was def looking for a plugin and just like you, ended up ultimately going with SNAP. Great plugin – just takes a little while to configure EVERY social media but after that haul it’s awesome.

    • Yeah, it does take a while to configure, but the white labeling of your app is pretty amazing! It also ensures that you don’t get filtered out really easily like other posting tools.

      • Jas

        What do you mean “get filtered out”?

        • With Facebook, posts from Applications tend to get less focus on timeline for users than native posts from Facebook users. The Google+ hack used by SNAP makes the post look like a native post from the user vs. something being posted through an application/API.

  • HI Jeff, Great post, took me thtough exactly what my issues are and what I’m looking for, both for me and for my organsiation. I’ll give the free version a try then probably upgrade. Thanks

    • Glad it helped. I am really becoming a big fan of NextScripts (maker of the plugin) and their forward thinking view/commitment to making the plugin better.

  • jess

    I still cant figure out how jetpack works for Are there multiple versions?

    • Hi Jess. You need to first download the plugin and install on your self hosted WordPress blog. Then you need to synchronize that plugin with your account for it to be enabled. Then each of the different Jetpack features need to be enabled and configured. It’s a multi step process, but worth it in many cases.

  • Carla

    Hi Jeff,

    Nice post, very helpful. I’m not using Google+ yet, so I can get by with the free version for now. But I do have a question and I’m hoping you can help.

    From what I’m understanding, lots of plugins require authentication from the plugin developer’s website or server. Is this true of SNAP? This is something I understand very little about, but this dependency on a third-party interacting with my content concerns me.

    I’d really welcome some input on this to put my mind at ease.

    Thank you!!

    • Carla,

      You may benefit more from asking this question of NextScripts/SNAP directly, but my understanding is that they are not using your username/password to post, only to authenticate your user account. The posting is done by creating a Facebook or Twitter application that does the posting to your profile.

      Google+ is different, though, because they don’t have an API, so I believe the script may be interacting with the content as you.

      I don’t think your concerns are needed with SNAP specifically, though, because they are not pushing any content that is not yours. They are just serving as an intermediary.

  • Steve Nickson

    Hi Jeff,
    Nice article man & funnily enough I just stumbled upon (pardon the pun) SNAP myself. So far it seems to be the best available although I have not tried Jet Pack. My only criticism of SNAP is the fact I cannot get it to use external or source urls in the titles when it pushes stuff out to my social accounts. I’m putting a news aggregator site together & need it to honour the originating source, but it doesn’t matter what I try, it still reverts back to my blog url, even though I have the titles on my blog & in my RSS feed using the source urls..?
    On the subject of Google+, why pay $49..? you can set this up on a free Hootsuite account. You simply tell Hootsuite to pull in the stuff you want posting on Google+ from a RSS Feed (say your blog feed), and it will then post everything from that feed to Google+.

    • Hey Steve – I’m sure there are many ways to do the G+ part… I just liked the idea of having it all in one place. Plus, the SNAP people need to make money and $49 is a small price to pay for the great product they put out. I like to support developers who put out a truly useful product, even if I don’t need every single feature.

    • I’m not sure I know the answer to your question about linking to original content… I would talk with the developers at NextScripts to see if they can answer the question.

  • Shaun Luyt

    Hi Jeff, you don’t specifically mention – unless I missed it – whether the auto-posting to Google+ is to a Google+ Page and/or Profile? Could you please confirm whether can can set-up autoposting to a Google+ Profile?

    • Shaun – I use it to post to both my page and my profile. You have the option to do both. You can also automatically post to G+ communities, but I recommend doing that with caution.

      • robertmstanley

        @jeffsauer:disqus – thanks for the updated info on G+ . That is something I found to be lacking in most plugins like this.

  • Nancy Johnson Horn

    Thanks for posting, I spend a lot of time posting to all my social networks. I am using Links Alpha, but it only shoots it to one or two places (for free).

  • Hi Jeff, SNAP is really a great plugin! I’ve just installed it and the features are just like what I was looking for. Thanks for posting 🙂

  • Christopher Simmons

    Thanks for the post Jeff, I was looking for something like this for our 13 year old newswire service which we’re transitioning from a custom CMS to WordPress (which we have used since 2004 on many of our sites except the “mothership”); your suggestion for “SNAP” was exactly the help I needed, and +1 for suggestion. 🙂 -Chris

    • Hey Chris – Very glad that this worked out for you! May the mothership be fortunate in transition and may WordPress live long and prosper!

  • Kalon Wiggins

    great post. downloading this now.

  • Is it safe to use this plugin because your valid accounts are required for the module to work properly?

    • Hi Selina – not sure I fully understand the question? Yes you need valid accounts, but you would need them for posting content to your social networks anyway. This tool simply automates the process of posting so you don’t have to remember to do it each time.

      • ok im jus afraid that my accounts will be exposed, so if it is safe to use then I will download it Thanks Jeffsauer

  • justin barracosa

    Hey Jeff, i have several domains that i’d like auto posted to different social accounts, do you know if the pro version will do this? Thanks, great write up. SNAP is also offering a couple freebies right now too!

    • I believe that each domain you install it on can have distinct accounts to post to. At least that’s how it works for me on the multiple sites I run.

  • edwardrj

    I’ve created a free plugin for WordPress that works around Google+’s read-only API, allowing users to automatically post to Google+ when publishing WordPress blog posts. It can be downloaded from for free:

  • Nice!
    What about Facebook Groups, does it publish directly to these too?
    This would be nice having 😉

    • Yes, you can post to a Group as well!

      • Perfect, i’ll give it a try right away 😉
        This is good stuff, thanks!

      • Can this plugin be used for my clients?
        I do some marketing and need a solution that can help, so I can post my clients posts to these social media channels 😉
        If this solution does not help, it’ll be really helpfull if you know about any.
        Thanks again 😉

        • I use the plugin on several sites that I own. Each site has specific settings, so you can have unique settings for your site and unique settings for clients. Not sure if license is one time use or for multiple sites, though.

          • Thanks 😉

          • I can’t see if this has social login and comment options. Does it have or not?
            Do you know about a good plugin that has it all?

          • This plugin is not used for someone to log into the site using a social media login or to place comments. It’s purely meant for posting externally to social networks you own/control.

  • Nice work, thanks.

  • aqua coder

    We are going to launch a wordpress woo coupon plugin that can be used to share the woocommerce coupon to the facebook timeline news feed. It wll help to increase the product sales. Pls visit our facebook page.

  • tim

    Great POst,informed me very good, i will try that.

  • Mike G

    thanks Jeff – just the info I was looking for

  • Ikshit Kakkar

    i was looking for an autoposting plugin and i think snap will meet my requirements .
    But is there any other plugin that integrates social commenting along with autoposting ?

    • What do you mean social commenting? You can modify the text on your auto post to have different words for each post.

  • THANK YOU. I was searching everywhere for an alternative to Jetpack.

  • Evelyn

    I tried using SNAP and cannot get it to post to facebook reliably. grr..

    • Hi Evelyn – I’m not sure why it would not be reliable. If you go through the instructions and create an app, the tool should post automatically. It must be something with the configuration. I know it’s a lot of steps, but following them closely should yield good results. I know it still works well for me.

  • Alan

    Jeff, thanks for the heads up regards the syndication possibilities of SNAP. I have been trying to find a suitable blog post syndication tool for a while now, I have used several plugins, some online integration tools, but to be honest they all failed miserably. They kept crashing, no G+ integration, and many times I had to keep re-installing to get rid of the errors.

    I eventually got rid of all of them and have been searching for a suitable alternative for several months now. In the last few days, I have found a service called, which seems to have a lot of what SNAP has to offer, but with ability to send to a few more networks than SNAP, and it has analytics built in which I think is quite nice functionality, but the lower version is $49 per annum, with the PRO version considerably more than that.

    One of the things I really like with SNAP is how the post looks like when you post it, it is neat and clean and looks professional, at this stage I have no idea what the onlywire post will look like, but I have signed up for the free 7 day trial and will do a test post to see the difference. Onlywire does not syndicate to Pinterest, well, not that I can find anyway, and Pinterest is a big one at the moment. I am also going to try the free version of SNAP and do a comparison. Thanks for a really great post Jeff.

  • realsqlguy

    One catch about the Google+ posting, which you don’t realize until AFTER you’ve purchased – it doesn’t work if you have 2-factor authentication enabled on your Google account. This isn’t explained anywhere before making the purchase. Their workaround is to create a new Google account that doesn’t use 2-factor, and make that an admin of your Google+ page. Doesn’t help resolve the problem of publishing to your own G+ page.

    Oh, they refuse to give refunds too. Buyer beware.

    • Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was not aware of the limitation, but it makes sense. Since SNAP works with Google+ using a third party API, I can understand why this might happen. Sorry you couldn’t get refunded though.

  • Laura

    Jeff you made reference to what does you are getting the most comments on your posts and that you found this info via jetpack I am running jet pack how do i locate this stat on my own site

    • Laura – I was able to get that screen shot from the Jetpack stats section of the Jetpack plugin. Once it is installed, it showed up on my dashboard in WordPress automatically I believe.

  • Thanks for the info. Was looking at plugins to automate this process. Any ideas of a plugin that I can set up to schedule social updates that I can then send on FB/TW/Li/G+…?

  • This is a really good summary Jeff. I also wanted to let you know about a new social sharing tool for WordPress that I am involved with called CoSchedule ( It is a built-in social media editorial calendar for WordPress that also lets you schedule social media with your posts. Hopefully it will be useful to your readers!

  • I also use SNAP plugin for my blog. It’s just that when too many in use, the position of the article will be made to kick backward from the list of search engines 😀

    • I doubt that will happen with SNAP. The way it works currently is that it posts as YOU on G+, using your account. I don’t think it is possible to differentiate between this and actually logging into G+ to make a post.

  • sagarailmu

    Thank’s a lot, very helpful

  • Gary Coon

    Thanks for this info! I dumped the Simple Facebook Connect plugin (which stopped working) and switched to SNAP last November after reading your recommendation. It seemed to work well until I figured out I was still using it in Sandbox mode and only I was seeing any posts on the FB page or in my FB Timeline. I fixed that problem and now everyone can see the WP/SNAP posts on the FB page OK, BUT nobody gets them sent to their FB Timeline! That’s kind of important. After looking at Nextscripts and FB FAQ/Help I can’t figure out what else could be causing this problem. I also have the Facebook for WordPress plugin installed on WP (from a previous Admin) but I can’t see where it has anything to do with the SNAP plugin. Any suggestions? Reference: and

    • Did you figure out how to get them on timeline?

      • The Facebook integration works perfectly for me still.

      • Gary Coon

        Once I removed the sandbox mode for the SNAP plugin in WP it posted to FB OK.
        What I think I learned thru further research was that people who LIKE my FB page don’t necessarily see my new FB posts (regardless of whether auto or not) unless they have some high level of ongoing interaction with the page. Of course if they look at the FB page timeline directly they can at least see them then.
        My next issue has been that these auto posts from WP to FB don’t get posted automatically to my Twitter account automatically (while manually typed ones do). My help request to Twitter has never been answered…

        • Aziz Peregrino-Brimah

          That is not a SNAP issue, but a FB issue. Even if you posted manually to your FB, you’d have the same experience.

  • Gary Coon

    • Mark,

      I also sent a reply that doesn’t appear to have posted, so I’m trying again.
      Posts to Facebook from applications never show posts 100% of the time. It’s often 5-20%. My SNAP posts show up around 20% of the time.

      If you get 0% of posts showing up, it could be a broken connection or an untrusted application by Facebook. If you get 5% or so, it is actually normal behavior.

      I would start to troubleshoot by creating a new FB application and going through the SNAP process from scratch to see if you can get it to work.
      For Facebook posting you can try tons of other tools as well like Jetpack, Twitterfeed, Buffer, etc.

      • Aziz Peregrino-Brimah

        You can connect your Twitter to your Facebook so that whenever something posts to Twitter, it goes to Facebook. This works for me 100% of the time.

      • Sylvain

        If I get it right, this BEHAVIOR is for the USERS that are SUBSCRIBED to your page. The plugin will post everything you write on your page, but with the Facebook algorithm, only a small percentage will be share to your fans.

  • I think NextScrips SNAP is ideal for every wordpress blog webmaster.

  • Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the post… saved me wasting time researching them all myself!

  • That’s exactly what I was looking for, Google+ integration. Although I still don’t understand where people are checking into their google+ account. I do know it is important. Thanks for explanation.

  • Great article Jeff, thanks for summing those up in an easy to digest manner. I happen to have some clients wanting this sort of functionality in their WordPress websites, and some tap into Google+ while others do not. I’m also a HootSuite user and notice that Google+ is now integrated there, so maybe more and more plugin’s will add Google+ on now finally. Cheers.

  • Someone have tried ? Is it any good? SNAP had some strange affects on the last site I installed it. It was opening 100s of apache proccesses, getting the server load and i/o over its limits, so I am trying to find an alternative.

    Also, just want to inform you that is out there too.

  • Caleb

    Hi Jeff great post – just wondering do you know of any plugin that will do this for pages that I create on wordpress rather than purely posts? I tried using jetpack and that didn’t work – I can’t seem to find an alternative that will work either.


    • My personal opinion is that auto posting should be reserved for posts because of the time factor of posts. You can schedule a post to go live in the future, whereas pages are usually published when done. I use auto posting because a post might go live well after I am done writing it. I am also guessing that technically these tools function based on the scheduling action in WordPress, which is different for posts than pages.

      That said, I could see how others might benefit from auto posting their pages and you should leave that feedback for SNAP to see if they would want to build that feature.

  • Thanks Jeff for this great list…I am excited to try SNAP and love that they have a multisite premium option!

  • david

    Hey Jeff: Just an FYI, Jetpack lets you autopost to Google+ now

  • Mary Spitzer

    Hi Jeff! Thanks so much for the info! I’ve been looking for a plugin that posts not just links, but images for maximum exposure and I see that snap does just that! I’ve struck out with other applications and I’m excited to give this one a try!

    Separately, I have clients that would like to automatically publish my blog content to their own facebook and/or external websites on a daily basis. Do you know of any plugins, widgits, or any other way that this could be setup as an automatic feature. I’d love to provide this service as it would only enhance my exposure — linking back to my site.

    • I believe that you can use SNAP to publish to multiple Facebook pages/profiles. They will need to configure their page/profile to work with the application you set up with SNAP and it should post to them too.

  • Guest

    Test Me

  • tanzaho

    If you need a plugin displaying your most shared articles, i can suggest one I recently developed. It’s focused on those who are using the authorship markup : all your articles ( even if not published on your blog) are imported (Most Shared Articles For WordPress : ).
    If you have some time to give it a try, do not hesitate to drop me suggestions to improve it.

  • Just found this, SNAP is great. Thanks for the recom.

  • SNAP is the best plugin I have using it from past 1 year. It saves a lot of time of sharing post on multiple social network.

  • Santosh Giri

    Can anybody help me.
    How to add multiple facebook account for sharing post. I have many editors/author for posting, so i want them to share all the post what they do on their own facebook wall. Please help me.

    • If you want to use more accounts than allowed in SNAP, try using buffer or ifttt to feed those other accounts.

  • Madni Nadeem

    Cleared some of my doubts about SNAP.

  • Madni Nadeem

    But it would had been good if you had mentioned all the supported networks by these services.

  • Jonathan Hurdman

    I discovered Jetpack seems to have a problem. As somebody else has mentioned, it does support Google+ now, but it doesn’t seem to be able to reliably post to my Google+ page. I have also noticed that it doesn’t post to my social media right away. Instead, it seems to be waiting until I log in to my WordPress account. I may be mistaken on that, but it’s certainly not right away. I typically check to make sure it posted, and so I log in fairly soon, but it still doesn’t work smoothly to post to my pages.

    Edit: I noticed Google+ is available in the free version of SNAP.

  • Imran Murtaza

    Nice WordPress Plugin. Thanks for Sharing.

  • Really good i want to try this

  • informative article, you can find more Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins – 2014 by using this link these are free

  • Awesome !! I needed this solution long time ago .. thanks a lot!!

  • There is only one service you will ever need.

  • unlockdaddy

    Dear Jeff!

    I have been using SNAP since a month, SNAP has a problem of posting to facebook pages (business), as you need to create facebook app to do posting, and facebook do not allow app creation for business accounts. Few weeks ago, SNAP used to work with fb posting by creating app by a general fb user, and then using that app for business page posting. Now facebook changed the rule, fb app should be created by the authorizing page to which SNAP will post, in my case, i cannot due to business account. 🙁
    I want to have a good wordpress plugin for my website but i am still unable to find one.

    thanks for nice article.

  • Ionut

    I would also suggest to check Revive Old Post :

  • Khan

    They killed auto posting to Blogger … is there a plugin for WordPress that will autopost to Blogger – as in a free plugin like SNAP?

    • I’m not sure about any other offerings.

  • John Barrot

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  • Hi
    Im a little confused what this plugin actually does, at first i thought it auto posts any blog posts from wordpress hosted sites to facebook pages (and others), but after reading some comments it seems people are having major issues with this

    Is it only meant to be used for personal use and our ‘personal profile’ on facebook such as personal/individuals timeline or newsfeed? As the point of it, i would have thought it should mainly be for businesses to take advantage to have it post from our websites or blogs and share it into our facebook business pages for prospects and clients to see, and to save re-writing every post from our website and doing it again on our FB page or copy and pasting all the time?

    Also its very worrying seeing that it only works around 10% of the time, so sounds like for every 10 posts that are sent to FB – only ONE gets published…??

    Would appreciate someone clearing this confusion up please

    Many Thanks


    • Steve – the plugin will allow you to automatically schedule posts to your social networks at the time of publishing, or at a chosen time in the future. Not sure where the confusion comes from, but my posts to Facebook personal and business pages work just fine every time.

  • Thanks Jeff
    I meant the comments you made earlier in these comments saying about only 5% or 10% posts get sent to FB and talk here about Facebook changing and therefore only posts to personal pages and not business PAGES…!

    Could you just clear up those 2 issues please

    • That is a Facebook issue. Their algorithms only show a certain percentage of your posts to their users. It’s something that will happen if you post to a FB business page, regardless of the tool you use for posting. You should still post to both personal and business FB pages, but you may need to pay money to FB in order to boost your audience.

  • fwu

    For what I understand, all those plugins have a big limitation: when you post to social networks, you will likely to get comments about your posts in that social networks. Those plugins should be able to get those comments and relate them with your post in your comments post in wordpress.
    Until now just the social plugin do that. Am I wrong?

    • Ramon

      Hello, I too have exactly this wish! Publish WP post on Fb and retrieve the Fb comments to auto show below the post on WP. Did you find any solution(s) and would you care to share it with me? Huge thanks!

  • Eggabase

    Nice post. Thanks to you I found SNAP and its working great 🙂

  • I should give SNAP a try for pinterest … Thanks for sharing this

  • SNAP is terrible for sharing to Stumbleupon unfortunately. 99% of the time, despite having it all connected and set up, it doesn’t share to stumbleupon. It also frequently causes the wrong thumbnail to appear on facebook (and often no thumbnail at all)

    • I would disconnect and reconnect to see if you are running an old version of their API. I have not experienced and of these problems.

      • I’ve tried that unfortunately and it still didn’t work

  • I installed the free version of this plugin the other day. The setup instructions for each network seemed a bit daunting at first. So I did a web search to see if others recommended using SNAP and came across your article. It convinced me to plunge ahead. The instructions on the NextScript site are actually really well written and easy to follow with great screen shots. So it was a “snap” to get things set up and I LOVE it. Just purchased the Pro version via your link. Really appreciate the article and am happy to support it with a commission.

    • That’s great! It’s really not that hard if you follow the instructions and glad you pulled through!

  • Jordan

    Is there a plug-in that will autopost FROM a public Facebook page TO wordpress?

    • I’m sure something like this is available, either via Facebook or through a third party service like IFTTT? I have not researched that need much, though.

      • Hi jordan, I have used IFTTT to get all the content posted on my WP post. Else would try post planner.

    • yes, checkout:

    • Cindy Fletcher

      yes. if you install Jetpack, it has a feature called Publicize. You just set upt the logins and passwords for Google+, LInkedIN and when you intall the part for Facebook make certain to have the particular Facebook page open when you establish the conncetion I use it on all of my sites and it pushes out EVERY single time.

  • I’m looking for a WordPress plugin to revive my evergreen content and auto-publish on Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.. well mainly to Google plus… I can IFTTT my way around for the other two but man, Google+ is just not a friendly social network.. Can you help?

    • You can do this with SNAP. I did it for a while and it worked well at bringing back engagement for older postsŠ

  • Sam

    Additionally, you can post to all Facebook groups and pages at once from this tool :

    Hope it helps.

  • Gust Lenglet

    Thanks for this post. I’ve tried several plugins but they had various issues and were more bother than worth. I’m going to give the free version a shot, and if it performs, will be back to buy the Pro.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for a great post, I installed SNAP long time ago but it always have difficulty with posting the image. It seems like it doesn’t know which image to take to post on my Facebook. And specially after I’ve updated my photo it takes it as an image for the post instead of the image I have for the post. Do you have a hack for that?
    Hope you can help.
    Thank you.

  • Good article Jeff thanks. I’m looking for an app or plugin that will post to different pages or groups (FB) based on post categories. Will SNAP do this? Any other ideas? Thanks

    • You can filter your auto posting by category when you send to your pages. You should be able to do the same thing by group. Lots of good options with SNAP!

  • mmhh……I will try ..!! nice info

  • Social Gallery is a plugin that I like to class as a Facebook plugin, im using on my sites and it displays your websites images in a “Social Lightbox” with full integration to Facebook etc… Download free and enjoy !!!

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  • Chris

    Hi Jeff,

    I’ve noticed Publicize only works for new posts. If it comes to pushing old posts and edits to new posts, I’m pretty much shift-out-of-luck with this plugin. Is this the same case with SNAP? It seems complicated than publicize but if it does this one thing then I’ll give it a shot. Also, is there a workaround with Publicize that allows you to re-post?

    Thanks in advance

    • Snap allows you to re-post and has many options. Not sure about extended options for publicize.

      • One question: If I want my scheduled articles to be posted automatically
        on facebook, is there an option in SNAP that allows you to add an individual comment to the facebook post? (for example “check out the newest…”) Links without comments or with always the same automatized comment are often ignored.


  • Leandro Guedes

    Thanks for the post. I’m searching for a solution that could publish my posts to more than one facebook fan page, selecting it by category.

    Explain better, I have categories A and B on my blog. I would like to share posts in category A to Facebook page FB-A and posts in category B to page FB-B.

    I know plugins that allow you to select categories that will have its posts published to one Facebook page, but I can’t find one that allow many categories to be publish to many Facebook pages (one category related to one page).

    Anyone can help with this?

    • I am not sure about multiple categories, but I thought that this was allowed with SNAP. If not, you could create the same connection multiple times for each category. Not quite as convenient, but could do the trick.

      • Leandro Guedes

        @jeffsauer:disqus, You’re right, thank you! SNAP does it!

  • Really such a nice post very helpful.Thanks

    Ads Management WordPress Plugins

  • SNAP is great, BUT when you have lots of daily post’s and you dont want to spam all the social networks with auto-sharring each post, the feature of sharring 1 post per “X” minutes doesnt work. its buggy, and publishes all posts. except this its great

    • I recommend limiting by categories or tags in the advanced settings. That is my way of getting maximum coverage while not being spammy. I don’t really think that it is a limitation of the tool to prevent publishers from publishing too much. It’s likely a good thing.

      • alexsosn

        It’s NOT a good thing. If you have 500 posts per day, you don’t want to loose your social account. Does anyone knows if they fixed that problem?

  • Timothy Selvage

    Does SNAP also work if you schedule posts as far as x2 weeks in advance?

    • It should, yes. All requests are batched relative to your scheduled post date.

    • It should, yes. All requests are batched relative to your scheduled post date.

  • Oral UNAL

    Hey Jeff,

    This is a great article, thank you

  • I tried to install Nextscripts, but it is extremely complex (for me) an apparently you have to be a developer, which I most definitely am not. So I have uninstalled it and now I shall try SNAP. thank you for this post.

  • Uh-oh. It looks like they are the same thing. I am doomed. Back to Twitterfeed. 🙁

    • I know it seems overwhelming, but the instructions are very clear if you follow them step by step. I hope you can get it to work. I love SNAP even more today than I did when I wrote this!

  • Sammer Jain

    Can anyone here please help me. I installed my site to VPS and after that, I am facing some issues/ My sql gets crash often and I have to restart again and again. What would be the causes? I have good Ram and cores. Nor my traffic is enough.

  • Velvet PR

    I use snap on my website ! Works great !

  • Wilson corlio

    thank you Jeffalytics Digital Marketing Blog,
    I’m a big fan of each’s blog.

  • Tidy Thailand

    i have some question . If i create that the content on the blog by wordpress, and then share the meat to a Facebook profile, Facebook fanpage, Google plus profile, Google plus for business, Twitter, .Intagram, Pinterest .. Youtube and Line Application or Line @ Or What App. But the header. each of sharing content on Social Media channels do differ header , some social media channel differ Content and differ Schedule time with you. in this program can or not . and How to do it by use plugin or How to do by script it.

    • The thumbnail image for each network is created automatically. I don’t know if you can personalize through WordPress, but I am sure you could upload a different image to post into each network if you like. That is a lot of work, but should be possible with SNAP.
      Otherwise, you will get the default option, which is an image that is cropped in the middle. So for that, make sure the focus of your image is in the middle, not on the sides.

  • Thank you! amazing info!

  • Sarah

    Hi Jeff, enjoyed the info so looking to see if this is a benefit to

    Added the plugin and giving it a test drive

    Thanks again

  • I used Twitterfeed on my website Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • James Montgomery

    SNAP seems pretty thorough, you should check out Contenter Resharer Pro as well.

  • khpura

    Thanks for shareing. But price for Pro version of SNAP is little to high as compare to other plugins, which can post to social media as well.

  • Kusuma Ajie


  • Kusuma Ajie

    how to put image uploader here ?
    like this icon in the bottom

    • Kusuma Ajie

      Like this. How?

      • Use Diqus comment system and it should do the work for you.

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  • There are so many plugins you mention that I currently implement into all of the sites I own & build.

    Yoast, W3 Cache & WP-Optimize are ones that stand out the most in my opinion. They have transformed not only the way I build sites, but more enhance their speed & localization.

    Of course none of this would make me any success without help from Elegant Themes & WordPress!

    Thanks for a very thorough review of these plugins!

  • Steven

    Have been using several social media plugins for my website and this last one was the one I needed:

  • Since the publishing of this post, Google+ has released an API.

    JetPack’s Publicize also supports Google+ now.

    You can also delay the publishing of a new post using WordPress’ Publish setting.

  • Sadha Siva

    Hi my website is using woocommece i want auto share plugin pls share best plugin

  • Stefan Müller

    Hey Jeff, I know this topic is old, but you should consider an update. We’ve invented Blog2Social, a crosspostiong plugin for socialmedia incl. scheduling and customization opportunities. If you’re interestes to test it, drop me a line via Twitter.

  • There were definitely some good plugins mentioned in this list. I’m curious though that with all of those plugins installed on your WordPress, what kind of affect does it have on site speed?

    I’ve personally done away with XML Sitemaps in favor of the Yoast sitemap. I like that its all available in one plugin. Though I admit, there have been times where the sitemap wouldn’t work because of some conflict. The fix is usually easy enough but for non-tech people I can see why XML Sitemaps might be the better choice.

  • I used jetpack but my website go to slow I will give a try to Social Networks Auto Poster to used it in my website ( ) and see what happend…

  • Hi, great article. Maybe you should mention, that SNAP is a yearly fee ($49). After that year SNAP API will stop working and you loose the ability to post to networks
    like Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Flipboard, LinkedIn Company
    pages and groups, Reddit, etc. If someone knows a tool with a onetime fee, please let me know 🙂

    • I paid $49 one time about 4 years ago and it still works.

  • Annie Martin

    I think you should also have a look at Blog2Social plugin as it is very user friendly. It is one of the finest social media cross-posting plugin, a user can cross-post blog posts on social media automatically, customized and scheduled. It allows the post author to advance directly to the posting dashboard of Blog2Social Word-press, in which pre filled posting texts are provided. After customizing the texts the author schedules the posts or publishes them without delay.

  • Steve Good

    Nextscripts support is complete crap. We have had a problem since June and cant even get a response on the support. They answer say they will look but then it just sits there. I really like their product but sadly for support I worry they aren’t going to last if they keep behaving this badly!

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    Im curious if now, in late 2016, this would still be the plugin to use? Thanks, I appreciated the article

  • Sanela

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  • i have tried using SNAP but i didnt get it to work, i connected my twitter but it wont post… dont know what to do but i am still researching to see where i have gotten it wrong. whew

  • Are there any conflicts between different plug-ins?

    • This plugin runs in the background, so I have not seen it result in any conflicts. Most plugin conflicts are due to UI/Jquery usage.

  • steve

    I find Jet pack unintuitive and it breaks a lot. I have had to stop using several times because of json errors. I recommend against. Pity because it worked well when it did, But the set up was confusing. Had to do it through Hence why the intuitiveness was so bad. Oh well, the search continues.

  • Marcia Garcez

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