Episode 48: Brent Csutoras

Today for our 48th episode, we will talk with Brent Csutoras, who is a man of many talents, including the founder of Pixel Road Designs, managing partner of Search Engine Journal, and so much more.

This podcast was great. One of the few instances where I just let the interview run its course, while only interjecting minimally with questions and clarifications.

This is because Brent was able to anticipate my questions and answer them along the way. He knows how to masterfully build a narrative and keep the listener wanting more.

That theme, building a narrative, is present throughout our conversation. Brent built a narrative in the world of search, and used it to make a big splash in a small amount of time (you have to listen to his story about poker in Vegas!)

But more importantly, Brent gave a glimpse of the future. And a blueprint for any aspiring marketer or futurist.

This is one of those interviews where I’m just going to stop talking and let you listen.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Brent Csutoras

On the future of internet:

In five years from now the websites as we know them might not exist anymore Click to Tweet

On the next big thing:

Augmented reality is the next new layer in our lives Click to Tweet

On networking events:

Meeting new people at a conference is sometimes more valuable than listening to a presentation Click to Tweet

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