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roles in a business

Defining the Roles of Partners in an Agency Business

Earlier this month, we asked “Should freelancers partner up to form an Agency?” Today we elaborate on the roles that should be covered in the agency business. If you have been working as a freelancer or consultant, the idea teaming up with others to form a business partnership can be exciting. But there are also […]

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keys to forming an agency partnership

Should freelancers partner up to form an agency?

I often come across freelancers who want to partner up with other freelancers to form an agency. The logic is simple: birds of a feather flock together. Two freelancers working together to solve a problem is better than one. But is this a good idea? Should freelancers partner with someone just because they have complementary […]

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The Duct Tape CEO

Duct tape has always been a handy asset in my home. Whether it’s used on a leaking faucet or a busted bumper, duct tape fixes almost everything. It may not be the prettiest, but it is a quick fix. It’s an instant and affordable solution to a problem that will be fixed with more money […]

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6 figures consultant

How to Make 6 Figures as a Marketing Consultant

One question hear often from my students is about money. “How much money can I make with my newly minted digital marketing skills?” While the amount varies based on skill level, I commonly tell them that they can make 6-figures as marketing consultants. That’s $100,000 US or more. This post shares the logic behind that answer. Is it possible to […]

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How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing in 4 Steps

RECEIVE CAREFULLY CURATED CAREER TIPS ONCE A MONTH Getting hired in Digital Marketing should be easy. There are more open job postings than qualified candidates. With more demand for skills than supply, the market is ripe for anyone looking to get a job as a digital marketer. And yet I meet hundreds of people a […]

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Someone is Always Listening and Your Words Have Impact

About 1% of the posts I write get more than 100 social shares. Probably 50% of the posts get no shares beyond my auto scheduled social posts. It is enough to want me to give up writing at times. But there are always moments that keep me pushing forward, and they always come from the most unexpected places. […]

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Luck. What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

I believe that there is a difference between luck and good fortune.

Luck is the result of random chance. We may have good luck, but this is not something we can rely on.

In fact, if we factor luck into any decision we make, we will be sorely disappointed in the long run. The odds are against us.

Being fortunate may seem the same as being lucky, but there is a key difference. Good fortune often comes to those who position themselves to be in place when opportunity strikes.

We have some level of control over our good fortunes. We also bear some responsibilities for our misfortunes when things don’t work out.

The key is to stop thinking that luck is anything more than gambling with our fates. We cannot build a business on luck, but we can position ourselves in fortuitous ways.

Today we delve deeper into the differences between lucky and fortunate.

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build digital marketing team

How do you build a digital marketing team?

A question came in from one of our newsletter subscribers just yesterday: Question: How do I build a digital marketing team? One of my big tasks for next year is to create a plan for how we would scale our digital marketing team. This involves recommending a budget, the staff details and setting hiring priority […]

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