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The Four Freedoms of Entrepreneurship

Everyone wants freedom, but not everyone is willing to pay their dues to attain it. Freedom comes at a price. The ancient Spartans fought the Persian Empire to protect their freedom and 300 Spartans willingly died at the Battle of Thermopolyae to preserve it (and I watched the movie 300 about 50 times when it came out on […]

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How to Become a Google Analytics Freelancer

According to BuiltWith, over 30 million websites use Google Analytics. If you’re an up and coming analytics expert looking to make a side-income off your skills, that’s a lot of potential customers! The demand for people with web analytics skills continues to increase. Companies need help setting up, managing, and understanding their analytics accounts. You […]

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Project Planning Process – A behind the scenes look at our content plan

Today we are going behind the scenes of our project planning process for our 90 day content marketing challenge! Creating 90 videos and blog posts in 90 days is the most ambitious project we’ve ever undertaken at Jeffalytics. Fortunately, I have some pretty motivated teammates to help me get this done. With a good team in […]

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Defining the Roles of Partners in an Agency Business

Earlier this month, we asked “Should freelancers partner up to form an Agency?” Today we elaborate on the roles that should be covered in the agency business. If you have been working as a freelancer or consultant, the idea teaming up with others to form a business partnership can be exciting. But there are also […]

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