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Your Google Analytics Account

How To Recover Google Analytics Account

Have you ever lost your keys to your car or home and panic ensued? You search for clues everywhere. You re-trace your steps, maybe freak out a bit. You blame inanimate objects. At some point you re-gain access to your car or house. Maybe you called a locksmith, or maybe you found a window cracked open. Either […]

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Google Performance Summit 2016 Review

Yesterday was the “big day” for fans of Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Google had teased upcoming announcements at their “Performance Summit” for months, and I have been dying to attend virtually ever since I marked it on my calendar. Having attended 7 Google Analytics summits in the past (2008-2014) and live-blogging the announcements in 2012, […]

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Google Analytics Goals

Are You Flying Blind with Google Analytics Goals?

You would be surprised how many companies can not explain the purpose of their website. Most companies, even companies with billions in revenue, can draw blanks to a question that was so simply phrased it almost sounded patronizing. What is the purpose of your website? Yet answering this question is the most important thing your organization can do to make […]

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