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87: 10 Things I No Longer Believe

Today I am going to share 10 things I no longer believe as it pertains to business and career success. I will dissect the wisdom of myself in my 20’s and contrast them to how I feel about things in my mid 30’s. It’s funny as I go through this list of items, I realize […]

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85: Networking on a Mountain in Hungary

Let’s talk about the value of networking. Specifically, let’s talk about how making connections and friends in your industry is like compounding interest. One meeting at a conference can lead to another conference to another opportunity and much more. It’s a pretty wild ride, and I wanted to share how one single conference, my first […]

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84: Playing with the House’s Money with Wil Reynolds

Today for our 84th episode, we are going to talk with Wil Reynolds, Director of Strategy & Founder at SEER Interactive. Wil is a well known in the SEO community as an innovator, keynote speaker, and a general reality check for the industry, and I have enjoyed following his growth as a leader in the […]

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83: The 90 Day Video Challenge Preview

Today for our 81st episode, I wanted to talk about a new project I’m kicking off in 2018 called the 90 day video challenge. Now if you’ve subscribed to my other marketing channels, you’ve probably heard about the challenge already. But for the rest of you, I wanted to share what has me excited right […]

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82: Growing a PPC Agency with Kirk Williams

Today for our 82nd episode, we are going to talk with our second repeat guest. This time it is Kirk Williams, who you heard from on episode #26 in August of 2016. At that time, Kirk was growing his freelancing business into an agency, and was just about to make his first hire. Since then, […]

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81: Purge with Sujan Patel

Today for our 81st episode we’re going to try something new in a couple of ways: 1) We are welcoming back our 1st repeat guest Sujan Patel 2) We’re not doing an actual interview, but more like a back and forth dialogue Why are we repeating a guest? Because I though it would be a […]

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79: The December Slump

Today for our 79th episode, I wanted to talk about the “December slump”, which is the term I’m assigning to how I’ve been feeling the past week or two, as the holiday season approaches me here in the US. December has been a weird month for me so far, and I wanted to talk about […]

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78: More Effective and Better with Tom Critchlow

Today for our 78th episode, we will talk with Tom Critchlow, an independent marketing strategy consultant and founder of Fiercely Curious. Tom and I got connected by a friend of the show and previous guest, Dan Shure. Tom was on Dan’s excellent Evolving SEO podcast last year, and when Tom said he was looking to […]

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77: Marketing lessons learned from our Agency Course launch

Today for our 77th episode we’ll go even more in-depth with the lessons learned from our successful November 2017 launch for Agency Jumpstart Course. NOTE: This is a companion to episode 75, so it’s probably a good idea to listen to the episode 75 first, if you haven’t already. I recorded the episodes back to […]

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