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56: Traditional Brand-Building is Dead with Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton Interviewed on the Jumpstart Podcast Today we talk with Phil Singleton, web developer and SEO firm owner and co-author of the book SEO for growth. Phil came across my radar through some high quality outreach on his end, and he was a fantastic guest. One of the most natural conversations we’ve had on […]

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Jeff Sauer Minnesota

54: Pick up the damn phone

I wanted to share some thoughts on low hanging fruit for a business, and how to take advantage of that situation. Let’s talk about the 10 revelations that lead me to implementing a CRM system this week. This episode is going to be fairly experimental, because I am still working through the process myself. I’m […]

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53: You should never apologize for the hustle

You should never be apologizing for the efforts you make to get noticed. You should never apologize for “the hustle.” I’m coming to you again from Tallinn, Estonia. This time in a hotel room overlooking old town, riding the high from an invigorating weekend at the Digital Elite Camp. By the time you listen to […]

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52: Using Customer Service to Stand Out in Marketing

Today for our 52nd episode, I wanted to talk with you about the importance of customer service. I’m coming to you from old town Tallinn, Estonia, where I am fighting off Jet-Lag and getting settled before Digital Elite Camp. It’s been a pretty wild ride the past few months, and I’m basically flying by the […]

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brent csutoras

Episode 48: Brent Csutoras

Today for our 48th episode, we will talk with Brent Csutoras, who is a man of many talents, including the founder of Pixel Road Designs, managing partner of Search Engine Journal, and so much more. This podcast was great. One of the few instances where I just let the interview run its course, while only […]

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