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100: Taking a Break

Today for our 100th episode, I am going to share some news with you that you probably don’t want to hear. Now that I have reached episode #100, I am taking a break from the Jumpstart podcast for a while. Here’s a 6-minute story behind this decision: Did you like this episode? Listen to past […]

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99: Outlines and Painting Outside Lines

Let’s talk about one of the things that I have gotten pretty good at over the years, and that’s outlining what steps go into accomplishing a project. Now when I say pretty good, I am specifically referring to the utility of these structures and how much they have improved over the years. When I was […]

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98: Q2 Products and Projects

Today for our 98th episode, I am going to take you behind the scenes of our operation here at Jeffalytics and show you what we have been up to, and where we are going in the upcoming months. We have a lot of irons in the fire, and sometimes it’s hard for even me to […]

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94: Just Keep Writing with Geraldine DeRuiter

Geraldine DeRuiter is the author of All Over the Place, and the voice behind the award-winning Everywhereist blog. What to say about Geraldine DeRuiter? I’m a long-time fan of her blog, Everywhereist, and I’ve even appeared on a post about our exploits in Berchtesgaden. I’m a big fan of her book, All over the place, […]

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91: How to Maximize Your Time at Conferences

Today for our 91st episode we’re gonna talk about how to maximize your time at conferences. Now you may be wondering why I’m covering this topic, and why I’m discussing it right now. Well, this episode is going live while I am on a two-week conference circuit in Europe. Right now I’m in Slovenia for […]

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90: Hustle to Startup with Chenell Tull

Today for our 90th episode, we are going to talk with Chenell Tull, who is the founder of Conversion Owl Marketing and blogger at Hustle to Startup. Now my story of meeting Chenell is going to be a weird one, but you might also find it to be a lot of fun. Last summer, I […]

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