90: Hustle to Startup with Chenell Tull

Today for our 90th episode, we are going to talk with Chenell Tull, who is the founder of Conversion Owl Marketing and blogger at Hustle to Startup.

Now my story of meeting Chenell is going to be a weird one, but you might also find it to be a lot of fun. Last summer, I wanted to get to know people who were on my Agency Jumpstart Course list, so my team pulled together a list of people who were heavily engaged with our emails, but had not purchased the Agency Jumpstart Course.

I believe that we pulled a list of the top 20 most engaged subscribers and called them our “whales” – which is a funny name in itself.

We started by emailing these subscribers and I set up a 30 minute call to talk about their business. Most of those that I emailed responded, and many took me up on the offer.

But I wanted to see if I could reach a 100% conversion rate (and perhaps save time overall with fewer consults), so I had an interesting idea. I would create a personalized video for people on that 20 person list and see if that got them to respond to my request.

I made two videos, and waited to hear a response.

One of those videos? I sent to someone named Chenell Tull. I never heard back from either video, so I let the idea die on the vine.

That is, until Chenell emailed me in response to the video. In November. After I emailed her in June!

We struck up a conversation and I learned that Chenell had a blog called Hustle to Startup. I contributed to one of her posts, and had an idea: Why don’t I have Chenell on the podcast to share her Hustle to startup story? That’s exactly what we love to hear on the Jumpstart Podcast.

And the rest, as they say, is about to be delivered into your earbuds.

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