Episode 32: Dan Golden

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Today for our 32nd episode, we will talk with Dan Golden, President of Be Found Online and Adjunct Lecturer at Depaul University in Chicago.

Dan and I first met back in 2014 when I moderated his session at HeroConf in Austin. In looking back at our old email exchanges, Dan asked that I introduce him like Michael Buffer introduces boxing matches, complete with a fog machine for dramatic effect.

Naturally, I declined. I told Dan he didn’t need to rely on gimmicks, just needed to prove his knowledge.

That’s the same arrangement we had for our podcast recording session. I just wanted Dan to tell his story, share some of the secrets to his success and hear about his areas of expertise. We recorded the session when I was in Washington DC, and this intro is being recorded from my hotel room in Sydney, Australia.

I just wrapped up a really intense two months of teaching, speaking and working on the next product we will be releasing at Jeffalytics. This product is an online course and support network that focuses on building a profitable and growth oriented digital marketing agency. If you are a freelancer or small agency owner, this course might be a perfect fit for you. Go to agencycourse.com to sign up for our mailing list.

Why do I mention my new course in this intro? Because there are a lot of gems that Dan provides in this interview. Dan has an awesome story, complete with an inspirational journey about how he grew his agency to be among the fastest growing agencies in the US.

He also talks about some of his passion projects. One of these is Employers for VTO.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, there is an election happening in the US November 8th. Even if you are not in the US, you have probably been unable to escape the coverage.

This organization encourages employers to give their employees paid time off to get out and perform their civic duty. I commend him for that.

Ok, enough politics. Let’s hear it from a smart agency owner who has figured out the business side of things and hear about his journey to success!

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Quotable moments from our talk with Dan Golden

On looking at the big picture in digital marketing:

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On digital marketing #Jumpstart:

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On keeping the retention rate high at your agency:

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