Episode 10: Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw is one of the nicest people in the search business. It probably has to do with his Canadian sensibilities.

While the saying may indicate that nice guys finish last, Darren has been able to turn his kindness into a thriving business focused on local search marketing. His business, Whitespark, has helped millions of small to medium sized business become found online.

Not bad for a web developer turned marketer. Listen to how Darren used feedback from the local search marketing community to build a tool that is used and regarded by many.

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Darren covers many topics related to local search in the interview, so make sure you listen. If you are interested in some quick hitting tips, he suggests the following:

1) Create good content

2) Fix your website (make it accessible on all devices and user friendly)

3) Then go and get citations (and links) to build your presence.

Darren’s advice to marketers:

Get involved in the community

P.S. I had some technical difficulties with my site today and was not able to get this posted on time. Sorry to those of you who were hoping for an episode to post bright and early this morning. 

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