Episode 37: David Baker

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Today for our 37th episode, we will talk with David Baker, founder of Recourses and a sage for agency owners looking to take on their biggest challenges.

David and I were introduced to each other through another podcast guest, Dan Golden from episode 32. Dan and I talked for a fair amount of time after our recording, and he mentioned that I really need to have David as a guest on the podcast.

So we had an initial conversation and discovered we get along famously. Not too long after that, a podcast episode was born.

We recorded this episode while I was in Thailand and it is going live while I am in India for the Superweek conference. This will be the third continent for me when it comes to Jumpstart, and my 4th continent speaking overall. It will be great to see several friends at this conference, especially the organizer Zoli.

Back to David. When we first talked, it was one of those conversations where things felt effortless. We were on the same page right away, and practically finished each others’ sentences. We shared our stories about agency ownership, the mistakes we made, and how we can help the next group of entrepreneurs move forward with their businesses.

David is focused on working directly with agency principals to help grow their business and overcome their biggest challenges. I loved hearing about his progression and how he has grown over time. There is a lot of wisdom in his words, so make sure you hang onto them if you are ever thinking about freelancing or owning an agency some day.

It’s also cool to hear that the services he offers are complementary with my Agency Jumpstart Course that is coming out in March. You can take the course when you are getting started out, and then work with Recourses when your agency needs one on one attention.

And that’s where we will leave it. Listen on for sage advice from David Baker as he talks about his career evolution – which really has lead to agency revolution!

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Quotable moments from our talk with David Baker

On answering the market challenges:

Focus on what you understand uniquely and other folks don't Click to Tweet

On business and creativity:

In order to run a successful business you don't necessarily have to be creative Click to Tweet

On hustling to keep your business healthy long term:

If keeping your price high requires you to get another job to support it, so be it Click to Tweet

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