71: Deep Work and Your Best Working Conditions

Today for our 71st episode, I wanted to talk about the concept of deep work, and the conditions that I have found to be most productive. Because I have had a tremendously productive last few weeks holed up here in the mountains in Virginia.

The crisp autumn weather is setting in, and I’m just pumping out productivity like it’s seeping through my veins. The combination of fast Internet, no car, and no friends to distract me has created ideal conditions for getting things done. Almost like how writers will rent a cabin in the woods to minimize distractions.

My experience isn’t quite that rustic, but the results are fantastic. And that’s a good thing, because my task list of things to accomplish before heading to Bali for a month was a mile long. Probably 2 months of real work that I have condensed into 3 weeks.

By the time you listen to this episode, I will have gotten it all done! And now I’m sitting on an airplane in Qatar airways business class enjoying champagne and lounging in my comfy pajamas. Life is good. Or at least I assume things went according to plan since this recording.

What’s the secret? Well, that’s the point of this podcast. But the most obvious answer is that I actually want to enjoy being in Bali and not sitting at my computer all day. That was my main motivating factor. To actually enjoy my time on the beach, instead of sitting on my laptop all day.

With that said, motivation only goes so far. There are many other conditions that need to be put in place to make things truly happen. That’s what we will talk about on this podcast.

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Quotable moments from this episode

On getting your s**t together:

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On having the right equipment:

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On performing under pressure:

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About the Author

Jeff Sauer is an independent Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Teacher based out of a suitcase somewhere in the world. Formerly of Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA.