92: Solve Problems for Journalists and Find PR Influence with Dmitry Dragilev

Dmitry Dragilev is the Founder of JustReachOut, which currently helps 4000+ entrepreneurs get featured in press on autopilot every single day.
I have to admit, I’m one of those people who is scared of public relations. Not because I don’t think it’s useful – it’s a fantastic way to grow an audience and a presence beyond channels like SEO or Facebook, but it just seems like such a precise set of skills that are needed to succeed with a PR strategy. And I don’t have those skills.

That is why I was excited when a listener and friend of the podcast Scott connected me with Dmitry for a a potential interview. While we have had PR pros on the podcast in the past, like Lisa Grimm from Whole Foods, I was interested in hearing specific strategies for getting press mentions, like what Dmitry has been able to do in his career.

You see, I’m a customer of Dmitry’s software called JustReachOut, and I have been following his story for a few years. It seemed like a great tale to share on the Jumpstart Podcast. But it wasn’t just Dmitry’s story I was interested in, I wanted to provide you with actionable tips for your own outreach.

And Dmitry delivered the goods! I really enjoyed hearing Dmitry’s back story, his source of inspiration, how he turned this into a two-headed business, and the actionable tips that we can all utilize right away after listening to this podcast.

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