51: The Importance of being a well rounded marketer with Duane Brown

Today for our 51st episode, we will talk with Duane Brown, Paid media expert and founder of Take some Risk.

My introduction to Duane was a totally organic event that came together with remarkable efficiency. Duane went to speak at the Big Digital conference in Adelaide, where he was a guest of our friend Sha Menz from episode 46.

While listening to that episode, AJ Wilcox from episode 44 heard Duane’s name and sent him a tweet about the podcast. Within a few minutes I had a new guest booked. I’m happy when things work out that way!

Duane is one of those avatars that I have seen around for years in PPC Chat, the Moz community and all over the place, really, and I have been wanting to hear his story for a while now. This was the perfect opportunity.

Duane has worked in Internet marketing all over the world, traveled to 40 countries, and puts a lot of passion into every project that he touches.

It was great to hear about all of the experiences that brought Duane into his current foray into entrepreneurship, and I know you will enjoy it too.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Duane Brown

On taking the initiative:

Better ask for forgiveness than for permission. Managers say no for many different reasons. Click to Tweet

On managing own work time:

Working 4hrs in excel is less appealing than 4 hrs of googling how to do it quicker Click to Tweet

On seeing the big picture:

Marketing goals are always secondary to business goals. Click to Tweet
At the end of the day clients mostly care about making more money. Click to Tweet
Companies need to align their actions with their proclaimed vision. Click to Tweet

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