Two DSLRs and a Microphone – Jeffalytics Newsletter for April 2016‏

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 4.4
April of 2016

Are you as prone to overthinking as I am? (Especially when it comes to creating and sharing marketing content).

It is easy to overthink our communications, because we feel there is only one chance to get the message across. 

We stress over how people will react, or whether they will react at all. So we start more than we finish. Bite off more than we can chew. Get too big for our britches. Use analogies to belabor a point… 

And then we finally just hit the send button because we can’t wait any longer. 

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We live, we learn, yada yada yada.

I promise I’m going somewhere with this.

The Periodic Table of Google Analytics

If you saw me speak at any point in the past year, you probably heard me say that the updated version of the Periodic Table of Google Analytics was mere weeks away.

The implication was that once I got done with that speech, I would lock myself in the hotel room and launch the periodic table.

But it never happened. Intentions were good, but fear got in the way.

Fear that the new table wouldn’t be as good as the 2013 version. Fear that nobody would care. Fear that it could never live up to my own expectations.

There was another fear as well. That I needed to have content for each of the 190 elements of the table at launch in order for people to pay attention.

In April I finally had enough and decided to launch the new periodic table. You can view it here.

Instead of publishing videos for all 190 elements at launch, we have decided to release a few videos each week until they are done, not through one giant launch.

Instead of focusing on one daunting goal (to get the table viewed and downloaded thousands of times like our 2013 version), I have decided to turn the project into manageable pieces that can be done over an extended timeframe. This is similar to the YouTube strategy that I outlined earlier this year.

So, what was the breakthrough? Two DSLR cameras and a Microphone.

Recording bite-sized videos is quite easy

Ok, so I chose a clever title for this email over an accurate depiction of my recording equipment. Call it an Odelay to Beck.

I purchased a Sony Mirrorless camera in March that records 4k video. In April, while roaming the streets of Bologna, Italy, I decided to purchase a shotgun microphone that could attach to the camera and only pick up my voice when talking. I credit our producer Uros with the idea.

During the first test run, I mounted the camera on my tripod, put the microphone on top, and started to talk about Google Analytics.

And it just felt so natural that I kept on talking. I recorded two videos in about 15 minutes.Here is my first ever video if you want to watch.

The next day I recorded two more. Two more the next day. Within a week there was enough content for 10 YouTube videos describing elements in the Periodic Table of Google Analytics.

Suddenly the remaining content wasn’t daunting. Instead it was exciting. I could teach from the road, and share Google Analytics knowledge and awesome scenery along the way.

All because of a 4K camera and a Microphone.

Summarizing the two breakthroughs 

This month I had two breakthroughs. The first is that it’s perfectly acceptable to launch something early (and in an incomplete state) to build momentum. 

The second is that it is not as hard as I thought to create videos that look and sound good. The biggest barrier is the initial fear. I have been working on improving the quality of my videos throughout 2016, and with each breakthrough the process gets easier. 

If you ever see video as part of your marketing strategy, now is a good time to get some reps under your belt. 
Jumpstart Podcast hosted two extraordinary guests

Our two latest podcast guest have been vastly different from the others and there’s a particular reason for both of them:
Larry Kim, Wordstream founder and arguably THE most influential person in PPC was our guest. Larry many stories on our podcast that can be heard for the first time on our podcast.

Even his long time co-workers were surprised to hear how open and sincerely helpful he was in giving advice to help “jumpstart” careers in marketing and technology.

But what made the Jeffalytics team completely speechless is that the crew summarized our interview with Larry as a blogpost on Wordstream! Kudos for that!
Jess Ostroff, our second April guest was absolutely the most straight-to-the-point guest (“brutaly honest” as she put it) we’ve talked to so far. She wasn’t beating around the bush for one second as she revealed how far an entrepreneur should go in order to succeed.

Now on to the resources!

Digital Marketing Tools


Here are some digital marketing tools that I have come across since we last spoke. By linking in this newsletter I am not personally endorsing these tools.

  • TLDR by @matthewbarby – Increase Leads Whilst Boosting User Experience. Create custom summaries for your content and embed targeted CTAs within them.

  • Genoo by @GenooMarketing – Marketing Automation solutions and services built for SMB marketers, based on our experience with hundreds of organizations of all sizes.

Thought Provoking Articles and Guides


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