Welcome New Friends – Jeffalytics Newsletter for April 2017

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 5.4
April 2017

This month’s newsletter is packed with resources, so I won’t be doing a big personal note before our resources. The only thing I will say is that April was an awesome month at Jeffalytics. I welcome all of my new friends, customers and colleagues to this newsletter.

Let’s look at some marketing and analytics resources that caught my eye in April.

Digital Marketing Tools:

Adboozter @adboozter – This tool monitors costly leaks in your paid ad spend and gives suggestions for improvements

Adaplo @adaploAds – The most powerful retargeting solution for Magento stores

Search Analytics For Sheets by @mihaiaperghis – Retrieve data and create automatic backups from Google Search Console into Google Sheets

GA Social Media Dashboard by @SeoHighLighter – Just Released: Google Analytics Social Media Dashboard

Digital Marketing Articles:

How To Hire An SEO by @GetCredo – Loving the content John is putting out at Credo.

How to Align Email Marketing to The Buyer’s Journey (Inc. Examples) by @Sleeknotecom – Email + remarketing should be part of every push marketing strategy… but its often forgotten, even by the pros!

SEO Proposals: Pain, Progress and Starting Completely Over in 2017 by @dan_shure – Another very interesting article from a friend of Jeffalytics.

How We Track Pageviews Is All Wrong by @philwalton – I have been saying this for years!

Data-driven attribution delivers better results than last-click via @adwords – I’m probably the biggest skeptic of attribution that there is… but doesn’t mean I won’t provide a competing viewpoint. And my skepticism is in the “magic bullet” promise of attribution, not in the overall utility of marketing mix modeling.

The Ultimate SEO Study Guide by @MarketerMission – Lots of good resources that you can send to anyone getting started in the industry.

[Case Study] How We Ranked #1 for a High-Volume Keyword in Under 3 Months via @Moz by @dragilev – How to stand out from the crowd!

Direct Traffic Is Dark Traffic And That’s OK by @sayfsharif – Big fan of Sayf’s opinions, and this article is my new “go to” when it comes to talking about direct traffic being junk.

Introducing Smart display campaigns via @adwords official blog (again!) – Almost sounds like an oxymoron.

Screen Resolution & Browser Size in Google Analytics by @analyticspros – this is analysis in action! Love the examples and message.

Thought provoking stuff:

When Machines Justify Knowledge via @backchnnl – Interesting, right?

30 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1987 via @TheAtlantic – This visual time capsule for the year 1987 is incredible!

What does it mean to be human? via @mosaicscience – If you saw me in April, chances are you heard me say “Neanderthal DNA” at least 50 times. This article is what got me thinking.

From Jeffalytics.com

We started publishing a second podcast, where I am my own guest. The first episode of the kind was about diving head-first into entrepreneurship.

The second is a listener question about building personal brand through public speaking. Be on the look out for more solo episodes coming up!

The Jumpstart podcast welcomed AJ Wilcox – LinkedIn advertising guru. I learned quite a bit in this episode about LinkedIn ads, how to attack a niche you find interesting, and even got to hear about how AJ found his niche in the first place.

And just today we published my talk with Sha Menz – SEO expert and a doctor for healing negative penalty wounds.