Webinar Season – Depth of Knowledge for August 2015

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 3.7
August of 2015

When it rains, it pours, or so they say. At least that is the case for me when it comes to webinars. After not doing many webcasts the first half of 2015, I will be doing two webinars in two weeks.

This month it is webinars, and next month it will be all about the podcast. I can’t wait until the September newsletter so I can announce more on that front!

Analytics Tool Watch

Here are some analytics tools that I have come across since we last spoke. Some of these are startups, while others have been around for years. By linking in this newsletter I am not personally endorsing these tools.

  • Multi Channel Funnel (multichannelfunnel.com) – Better visualizations for the multi channel funnel report in Google Analytics.

More Cool Tools and Startups

All Analytics and no play makes Jeff a dull boy. Here are some interesting business startups and tools that I have recently come across that I thought you might enjoy.

  • Search Console API (google.com) – The documentation behind Google’s new Search Console API. Read this if you want to make apps or just store the data.

Thought Provoking Articles and Guides

Popular articles by Jeffalytics

Last month I talked about work-life balance, and things went well until we hit the road for French Polynesia (where we are currently). With poor Internet and natural beauty outside of the hotel room, my writing went out the window.
But I still managed to write two very strong essays that I think you should read. Especially the one about purchasing SEO services. I thought this would get a lot more reaction from people, but went largely unnoticed. Needs a more click-baity headline I guess.

Jeffalytics Articles: