That Crisp Autumn Air – Jeffalytics Newsletter for August 2016

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 4.8
August of 2016


I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time of the year. The weather becomes more tolerable, seasons change, and I get energized thinking about how the current year has gone to date – and how things are looking for next year.Over the past week I have been reflecting on 2017 while traveling through the Nordics (currently writing this from Tallinn in Estonia). It’s wonderful here.Interacting with the many awesome marketers and analysts of Denmark, Finland and Estonia has given me perspective on where this industry is going, and where I should focus my energy moving forward.

Let’s get to the resources!

Analytics Resources

@leadfeederapp – The tool that revolutionizes the way sales people are using Google Analytics superpowers. It comes with a 30 day premium free trial, and if you decide to subscribe 10% discount applies to all the visitors coming from our newsletter

Introducing the Google Analytics Demo Account by @googleanalytics

Paul Koks aka @OnlineMetrics took the GA demo account for a serious test-drive

Google Data Studio Gallery is shaping up!

Digital Marketing Resources

Here are some digital marketing tools that I have come across since we last spoke:

How to know which social buttons to offer your visitors by @warefareplugins

@ColorBrewer – a simple-to-use yet advanced visualization tool

Updated guide to facebook ads by @buffer

Quality Score in @adwords is about to go to retirement and here’s why

Create Winning Ad Copy Using This Scientific Approach by @PurnaVirji

Thought Provoking Articles and Guides

Olympians as Small Business Owners – an interesting post by @GoogleSmallBiz

How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing by @samueljscott

Jim Gianoglio asks whether You Need Cross Domain Tracking Or Not via @lunametrics

Here’s Proof That The World Is Pretty Great Already by Amy Robinson Sterling via @motherboard

Reasons To Build A Small Business And Not A Startup by @jonwestenberg – This is the approach that we are taking at Jeffalytics. 

State of Digital for 2016 by @ezyjules – take a look (and then turn off your phone notifications)

If you are a particularly curious SaaS person we have something for you by @chargebee

When @avinash says you should be “real world smart” you just do so without asking questions, right? Noooo! It’s supposed to be quite the opposite – you SHOULD always ask questions!

Content from Jeffalytics

Luckily placing hundreds of newsletter resources on dedicated pages on our website i.e. making hundreds of outbound links to external domains within a day did NOT hurt our Domain Authority nor got us penalized (knock on wood).

So folks, please keep linking to other people’s valuable stuff – because it’s what web was initially incepted for, quarter a century ago.

In our Jeffalytics Podcast we hosted Kirk Williams, rising PPC Star, Aaron Weiche, VP of subjectively the greatest digital marketing association ever called MnSearch*, and Yehoshua Coren who you might also know as @AnalyticsNinja.

*Disclosure: Jeffalytics is a co-founder of MnSearch.

We also published a guest post at the Leadfeeder blog. 6 things we love about Leadfeeder. It was nice to meet the Leadfeeder team while visiting Helsinki earlier this week.


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