Better Late than Never – Jeffalytics Newsletter for December 2016

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 4.12
December of 2016

Seriously, I am writing my December newsletter to you in mid-January. I’m not even going to offer an excuse. It was simply neglect.

We are working on many awesome things at Jeffalytics, and that required our focus to begin the new year. We launched a new website theme for Jeffalytics (a welcomed upgrade), finished recording our next course (launches in March), and did all kinds of cool things over the past few weeks. I even visited India and Cambodia for both work and play. Basically we did everything but deliver this newsletter!

So I am going to keep this one short and share with you some fun resources to enjoy.

Now on to our resources.

Analytics Tools

Note: Linking to tools in our newsletter is not an endorsement by Jeffalytics.

GA Connector – Connect Google Analytics to your sales software for a complete customer view. 

Digital Marketing Tools

AdFury – AdWords optimization suite that includes a dynamic landing page builder.

Thought Provoking Articles and Guides

Google Analytics Audit Template by @pageziiapp – Several comprehensive marketing audit templates to check out here.

The Definitive Guide to Google Shopping Ads by @clickteq – Super thorough article on these effective ad types. 

2016 Year in Review Dashboard by @klipfolio – I used this to generate an annual report in 2 minutes. This template is awesome. 10 years ago it would have been considered impossible to get this type of insight so quickly.

How to Land 5-Figures in New SEO Leads Every Month (Case Study) by @venchito14 – I’m not a fan of these types of posts, but the quality of content is hard to deny.

How to Boost Your LinkedIn ROI in 15 Minutes a Day (Case Study) by @online-metrics – Great article by a friend of Jeffalytics.

Content from Jeffalytics

Two podcasts went live in December. In Episode 35, Ilise Benun shared insights on how creatives can find their voice through marketing and business development techniques. Ilise has been teaching creatives how to run better businesses since before the Internet existed! You don’t want to miss Ilise’s wise words.

In Episode 36, Rick Webb shared what it was like to build an agency in the 1990’s and evolve his offerings for decades into the future. Rick wrote the book on creative agencies. Literally. I could listen to him for hours, so I hope you give him a spin as well.

Have you told someone about this newsletter yet?

Most of my readers (like you) are fairly advanced marketers looking for cutting edge techniques. You may see me offering courses or writing content and think you are too smart for it. You probably are!

But what about new marketers looking to get started? Know any of them? If so, please pass the word.