Just Some Epic Resources – Jeffalytics Newsletter for January 2017

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 5.1
January 2017

Yesterday we published the Ultimate Google Analytics Resources guide, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. It is packed with 50+ resources and over 8,000 words dedicated to learning Google Analytics.

I know that the word “epic” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to content, but this is the most substantial piece I have published since way back in 2013. It is epic in scope, effort and value!

Beyond that, January was a great month for producing valuable resources at Jeffalytics, which we will share below. There’s a new content sheriff in town, and my days of lawlessness are numbered.

On to the resources!

Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing Miner – self-proclaimed “Data mining MacGyver for online marketers”

FigPii – Deliver conversion-rate wins with this all-in-one platform.

Thought provoking articles

How to Make 6 Figures as a Marketing Consultant by @jeffsauer – Ok, so we are placing one of our own articles at the top here, because it’s a perspective that many of you will find valuable.

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down by @vice – Analytics enters the mainstream, and you should be terrified inspired TBD. Probably the most fascinating article I read all month. Data brokering/predictive modeling was my first job in analytics 10+ years ago.

The War on Bad Science by @wired – This article is great in itself, but also has many applications to how we treat analytics data as well. Worth the read.

How To Create Jaw-Dropping Facebook Lead Ads That Convert by @Sleeknotecom – Another epic piece of content.

A Complete Guide to The New Google URL Builder by @prateekgrwl7 – Oh, the Google URL Builder. So simple, so promising, so boring.

If You Had $1 Million to Invest In Your Firm by Dave Baker from @ReCourses – We here at Jeffalytics are really in awe of the value that Dave provides his audience. If you’re new to his work, check out his advice-packed interview – Jumpstart podcast episode 37: Dave Baker!

For Jumpstart episode 38, I interviewed Talia Wolf who you may know as @taliagw – we met last summer in Tel Aviv while we were both speaking at the All Things Data conference. She joined on the podcast and shared super actionable advice on conversion rate optimization. I still keep an Evernote file with the advice she gave me at my bedside.

Install Google Tag Manager on Your WordPress Site in 4 Minutes by @Lunametrics – Best of all, you barely have to be an analytics nerd to implement this!

Tracking AMP pages with Google Analytics and Tag Manager by @JulienCoquet – Any time Julien Coquet publishes a guide, I will link in the newsletter. He’s one of the most valued members of the Google Analytics community.

5 reasons why Google Analytics is lying to you by Nick Buckingham @nickb_ux – Only 5 reasons? I can think of 50!

31 PPC Ad Copy Tips To Lure In More Conversions by @KlientBoost – Get your wheels turning.

Making Google Analytics Account Recovery Easier by @googleanalytics official blog. Unfortunately this is only for GA 360. Seriously, what enterprise spends $150k/year and then needs to recover their account?

For all of us non-premium GA muggles, I wrote a blog post dealing with the same issue a few months ago how to recover your Google Analytics account.

6 Ways to Target Early-Stage Buyers in PPC by @WordStream – Yes, the most profitable clicks come from shooting fish in a barrel… but it’s hard to grow without reaching early-stage buyers.

How to Remove Referrer spam and Fake Traffic from Google Analytics by @measureschool – Seriously, this is still a thing.

Jeff Sauer on Becoming a Data-Driven Creative: Marketing Mentor Podcast by Ilise Benun – a chance to hear me answer questions vs asking them all the time! Here’s another interview I gave about finding a niche for your business.

Finally if you happen to be in Italy this spring, I’d be glad to spend some face time with you in Bologna, April 13-14. There’s a great PPC conference called ADworld Experience where I’ll be sharing stage with some of my favorite PPC marketers in the world. Proud to be a part of it, and hope to see you there!

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