Exciting Things Ahead – Jeffalytics Newsletter for March 2017

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 5.3
March 2017

Here’s to hoping you had an awesome month of March and a great Q1 overall. Personally, I’m more invested in what will come in Q2 after a difficult first quarter. Exciting things ahead!

This month’s intro is going to be shorter than normal. I’m writing this note from an NYC hotel room before I head off to a full-day video shoot… and for once, I’ll be the person on camera. Never imagined that I’d ever have to write the words “video shoot in NYC” in my life. If all goes well, I’ll be sharing more about the by-product of the shoot in June.

Tonight I am headed to Italy in advance of the AdWorld experience conference. There I will be teaching about integrating GTM with paid media campaigns, hanging out with my bestie and finally meeting one of our beloved Jeffalytics team members in person.

And so with all of that out of the way, let’s look at some marketing and analytics resources that caught my eye in March.

Digital Marketing Tools:

Prophet – @fbOpenSource – Released by Facebook’s Core Data Science team, Prophet seems like a pretty awesome forecasting tool. I will admit to not really understanding everything here, but it does work with R and Python.

Gauges – Website Analytics you can Actually Understand: @gauges helps you focus on your most important web traffic stats — in real time.

Google Tag Manager Recipes by @fedorovicius – An ever-growing list of downloadable GTM containers with most common solutions. Download them, import to Google Tag Manager, TEST and get to analyzing!

Instant – Turn your AdWords pages into converting machines.

Hack: Placing Google Tag Manager in WordPress After the body Tag by Yaniv Friedensohn aka @Affectivia – I have been playing around with converting several WordPress websites away from MonsterInsights and over to pure GTM. One of the issues with installing GTM perfectly is the WordPress hooks system. There isn’t a native hook for the opening body tag. So it needs to be hacked together with this solution. Side note: when the heck will Google update Tag Assistant to recognize 7-digit GTM IDs as valid?

Thought provoking articles:

The Macedonian Teens Who Mastered Fake News via @wired – This is a brilliant and fascinating read.

End of a golden age by @aeonmag – Unprecedented growth marked the era from 1948 to 1973. Economists might study it forever, but it can never be repeated. Why?

The reason your boss is more likely to be an incompetent man than a smart woman by @LeahFessler – And the reason why we should all try to buck that trend.

In conversation: David Letterman via @vulture – Really enjoyed this interview with a comedy legend (now bearded recluse).

Why PPC Clicks And Sessions Never Match by @Stephanieppcpro – Now I have an article I can copy and paste when I hear this question for the 1 millionth time.

Measuring the “soft stuff” like thought leadership by @cspenn – A good reminder that not everything needs to be quantified to death. Just most things ;).

From Jeffalytics.com

We had Jeff Allen, president of Hanapin Marketing (think PPC Hero) on our podcast in early March. Listen on to hear my favorite interview question of all time.

Next, Josh Shogren blew my mind with his ability to buy and sell websites at a profit… all while going to college. Pay attention to this guy!

Finally, I got on the microphone and shared some reflections on the past 5 years at Jeffalytics. This is my first non-interview podcast and it’s already gotten tons of positive feedback. Would love to hear your thoughts as well.

We republished an oldie but goodie in March. Why I will not “do SEO” for you.

Finally, we put out two articles about freelancers teaming up to form an agency, and the roles each partner should play.