Depth of Knowledge for November 2014 – The Importance of Setting Goals

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November of 2014

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While there are many paths that we can take to have a successful and fulfilling career, I firmly believe that you can’t make progress without going through the process of setting goals for what you would like to achieve.

Formalizing career and life goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable for results and ensure future success.

This topic is near to my heart. 10 years ago I was struggling in most areas of life. For some reason I decided to email myself a list of goals that I wanted to achieve before I die.

While I didn’t think much of it at the time, as soon as those goals were put in writing I started to notice a change in my attitude, good fortune started to find me, and before too long I was able to better my situation.

On Friday I was prompted to drop everything and write about my experience setting goals. It was a deeply personal post that I especially wanted to share with my newsletter subscribers because of the personal and inspirational nature of the post. It has much less to do with Internet marketing than it has to do with providing a framework for life. Here is that post:

The Importance of Setting Goals in Life

Give it a read, and if you find it inspiring, please share with someone else who might need some motivation. It could make a major difference for someone.

This month I have deviated from the once-a-month posting schedule for two reasons: 1) I wanted to draw special attention to this post, because I know that it will be impactful for a few of you. 2) My file of links and tools to share is already overflowing with ideas that there will be enough content for two newsletters in November. So enjoy this bonus issue look for more deep knowledge in two weeks!

Analytics Tool Watch

Here are some analytics tools that I have come across since we last spoke. Some of these are startups, while others have been around for years. By linking in this newsletter I am not personally endorsing these tools.

More Cool Tools and Startups

All Analytics and no play makes Jeff a dull boy. Here are some interesting business startups and tools that I have recently come across that I thought you might enjoy.

  • SteadyBudget ( – Accurately pace your monthly PPC budgets for clients, without resorting to complex spreadsheets or just hoping things will work.
  • ClientFlow ( – Solves common problems for freelancers/small consulting shops.
  • SharpSpring ( – Marketing Automation for SMBs.

Thought Provoking Articles and Guides

A mix of advice, strategy and some awesome tactics to see things to the finish line.

Popular articles by Jeffalytics

I wrapped up my final classroom teaching session last week, so my schedule is now open for writing and working on making my websites better! So many things to do, so little time.

The only article I have posted this month was the one I started this newsletter with. Please do give it a read!

The Importance of Setting Goals in Life