Depth of Knowledge for September 2014 – The Time Value of Money

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 2.8
September of 2014

Hey Friend of Jeffalytics!

Nothing like writing this monthly newsletter at the last minute. While you are still technically receiving this email in September if you are in the USA, many of you may be receiving this note with an October date-stamp on it.

Last minute has been a recurring theme for me during the month of September. From last minute cancellations, to hail Mary passes with technology, to traveling 33,000 miles on airplanes over a 14 day span, it has been a race against deadlines all month for Jeffalytics. More on that in our personal updates section.

What lesson was learned during all of this deadline dashing? A reinforcement of the time value of money. When faced with limited resources and seemingly unlimited ambition, sometimes it is wiser to buy your time back by using technology instead of doing things manually. Time is our most valuable asset.

Analytics Tool Watch

Here are some analytics tools that I have come across since we last spoke. Some of these are startups, while others have been around for years. By linking in this newsletter I am not personally endorsing these tools.

  • QuillEngage ( – Don’t let the strange product name fool you: this is an incredibly valuable resource if you don’t check your Google Analytics account obsessively. Want to know the story behind how your site is performing? Check out this awesome tool!
  • Hoosh ( – A very promising competitive intelligence platform with a freemium model for tracking your brand.
  • Terminus ( – A Google Analytics campaign URL builder. I should preface this by saying I would not pay for a campaign tracking system when you can easily build one in Excel, but you might find this useful.
  • Google Analytics Training ( – This 12+ hour course provides Google Analytics training from beginner to advanced. The best part? Jeffalytics is your teacher!

More Cool Tools and Startups

All Analytics and no play makes Jeff a dull boy. Here are some interesting business startups and tools that I have recently come across that I thought you might enjoy.

  • OptimizePress ( – This tool is so good that it has changed my outlook on my “ceiling” as a marketer. Can’t say that very often.
  • Responsive Web Pricing Tables ( – This is a WordPress plugin for adding a pricing table to your website. Big time saver and looks good too!
  • Google Analytics by Yoast (v5) ( – Yoast finally updates his GA for WordPress plugin to support Universal Analytics. Still some weird configuration options that keep me away for my sites, but great for most bloggers.

Thought Provoking Articles and Guides

Not as many articles as previous months, but I think that’s probably a good thing.

Popular articles by Jeffalytics

Only two major articles this month, but I have hopefully turned the corner on content creation now that we have launched the Google Analytics training course. The first article was an announcement of the Google Analytics training program.

The second article was just posted on Jeffalytics aboutmy awesome experience with OptimizePress. I am pretty in love with this tool right now, and I hope that the honeymoon period lasts forever. Nothing lasts forever, but I am saving so much time with these templates that I can now focus on the product. Time value of money for the win.

As for the 33,000 mile trip I mentioned in the header, that much flying was no joke. You can read the details in myJeffsetter post, but I basically did 1 week of traveling for business and a second week traveling around the world for pleasure. I would not recommend this to anyone.