Creating New Things – Jeffalytics Newsletter September 2016

Depth of Knowledge Newsletter
Volume 4.9
September of 2016


Where did September go? It seems like I was just sending August’s newsletter, and here we are in October.

Not sure about you, but the months that go by the fastest for me are those spent hard at work creating new things. Time flies when you are having fun, and being creative is about as fun as it gets for me in this business.

What have we been up to? You’ll notice quite a few things when you look over the resources below. We have recorded tons of podcasts, started writing articles again (and even dusting off old articles), recording webinars and videos for the periodic table of GA, and we are also hard at work on our next online course.

September was the most productive month since I started this newsletter 3 years ago, and I owe it all to two things: expanding the Jeffalytics team and implementation of process behind the scenes.

Why process and why now? Because Jeffalytics was a one-person operation for a long time. While it would have been great to put process in place proactively, I would have only been using these tools to manage myself. That sounds like a bureaucracy to me.

But as a team expands, you realize that planning is vital to keeping everyone up to speed, productive and on the same page. So we decided to implement Asana for project management and the projects have been flowing instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano (and no, I have not been to Aspen lately, why do you ask?).

After one month I am quite pleased with the results. This month will be a challenge to stay on top given an intense teaching and speaking schedule. But hopefully the process will overpower the inevitable struggles.

That’s just a small update from my end you will be seeing more in the near future. But for now, let’s get to the resources!

Analytics Resources

Let’s start with a Jeffalytics article describing How To Recover Google Analytics Account. I have been asked this question far too many times, and I finally got around to writing an article about the topic.

Digital Marketing Resources – Start sending your app data into @CustomerIO to create and send multi-channel, rules-based customer communications.

16 Free Digital Marketing Tools by @SeerInteractive

Thought Provoking Articles and Guides

Optimizing for RankBrain… Should We Do It? (Is It Even Possible?) – Whiteboard Friday by @RandFish – If you’ve been stressing over how to optimize your SEO for RankBrain, there’s good news: you can’t.

Should You Implement AMP Pages on Your Site? by @richardbaxter via BuiltVisible – Google are currently testing AMP pages in their mobile organic search results and we’ll take a look at that.

Where was the president in the eight hours after the Sept. 11 attacks? by Garrett M. Graff @vermontgmg – very interesting article

3 YouTube Targeting Options You Need to Try by Joe Martinez aka @MilwaukeePPC via SEMRush blog – Updating your video marketing targets will allow you to hone in on the audience you’ve always wanted. Here are some targeting options you need to try for your YouTube campaigns.

This Is What People Hate About Google Analytics Training by @thatsdamion (Brown) – This one goes out to my students… Do you agree?

Cabinet Of Chic Curiosities By @MessyNessyChic – Nessy was raised a London girl, but one day she packed up things and decided it was time to return to the land of ancestors and cheese, and move to gay ol’ Paris. Fell in love and never looked back. (Highly recommended). Everything you read by Messy Nessy is written from a little clubhouse in Paris … or sometimes from the little café downstairs.

The 15 B2B copywriters I don’t want to be by @DougKessler

Content from Jeffalytics

I hope you are never fired from your job. If you follow this post, there should be less of a chance of that happening.

Years ago I was out for a happy hour with some of my coworkers. We were talking about big companies and lamenting. They continuously failed to adopt the digital marketing advice we were giving them. Suddenly, I blurted outsomething that had been bothering me for a long time

A question came in from one of our newsletter subscribers the other day: My big task for next year is to create a plan for how we would scale our digital marketing team. This involves recommending a budget, the staff details and setting hiring priority for the next two years.

In our September Jumpstart podcast editions we hosted two enormously lovely ladies of digital marketing: Andrea Warner who mastered AB testing through behvioral science, and Purna Virji, 2016 #1 PPC superstar, who shared her vision on the future of search.

Periodic Table of Google Analytics Video Series got 2 newcomers – Analytics.jsand  Classic Analytics explained in a few minutes of video, plus they both came with a protip!

Reactor’s GTM genius @SimoAhava joined the Periodic Table Guest Host lineup talking about GA bounce rate peculiarities in the beautiful lakeside scenery of Finland.

Cleaning Up Your Advanced Segments in Google Analytics – After receiving a call to help from a student I recorded a video on how to do regular housekeeping in GA not to get overwhelmed with overlapping segments created in separated views but shared across entire account.

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