94: Just Keep Writing with Geraldine DeRuiter

Geraldine DeRuiter is the author of All Over the Place, and the voice behind the award-winning Everywhereist blog.

What to say about Geraldine DeRuiter? I’m a long-time fan of her blog, Everywhereist, and I’ve even appeared on a post about our exploits in Berchtesgaden.

I’m a big fan of her book, All over the place, which is a modern day love story with lots of bodily functions mixed in. It’s the one book my wife read in 2017. that had people on an airplane tapping her on the shoulder to say: “What are you reading and why is it making you laugh so hard?”

Her writing is like the infamous Meg Ryan diner scene in When Harry Met Sally – it’s impossible not to read her words and say “I’ll have what she’s having!”

And I got to interview this brilliant author and talk about writing, building an audience, cancer and serendipity.

We are all better off as a result. It’s one of my all time favorite conversations on the Jumpstart podcast, and an inspiration to everyone.

If you’ve ever wondered how the heck someone gets a book deal, how posts can go viral out of nowhere, and the most honest alternative to Web MD, then you have to listen to this interview.

Then read Everywhereist blog.

Then start your own blog using the tips we discuss.

Then after that start a good blog.

Man, I just loved the conversation so much that I am tempted to give away all the goods in this intro. But wouldn’t you rather have Geraldine tell it in her own words?

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