Episode 25: Ginny Marvin

Ginny Marvin Jumpstart

Today for our 25th episode, we will talk with Ginny Marvin, Paid Media reporter for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

If you have any interest in following developments in paid media, you have probably come across articles written by Ginny. I know that I have personally learned about new Google products, advertising trends and much more from her columns.

But it didn’t always start that way. As a long time reader of Ginny’s columns, I was really curious on how she found this career path, the moves she made along the way to become a voice in the world of paid search and media, and the advice she has for others looking to have their voice heard.

As fate would have it, Ginny and I were both selected to be faculty at the latest MarketingProfs University recordings. So when we completed our teaching, I reached out to see if she would like to be a podcast guest.

She said yes! Not only that, but she shared that she is a fan of the podcast.

This episode is based on mutual admiration, curiosity and a love for all things paid media. It’s also a chance to hear two of the recently voted top 25 most influential experts in PPC talk about their craft.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Ginny Marvin

On using each bit of work experience to put the puzzle together:

Even scooping ice cream can give you a valuable sales lesson Click to Tweet

On timing for a change:

It's never too late to change your career direction Click to Tweet

On finding a professional role model:

Having a proper mentor is essential for a good jumpstart Click to Tweet

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