Hire Jeffalytics for Google Analytics Consulting and Corporate Training

I am passionate about emerging technology and telling stories. Google Analytics is an emerging technology that empowers you to tell stories.

By bringing that same passion to your company, I can help empower your team to use data in order to make better decisions and add value to your organization.

There are many ways that we can work together in order to get this done. From my experience, here are the ways that I can best help your team improve your analytics programs:

Each of these engagements are designed in order to transfer my years of experience to your team and help improve your analytics competency. Depending on the nature of what you are hoping to achieve, a short term project may be the best way to get this done. Short term projects can help get your site properly tagged for things like e-commerce, Google Tag Manager or Universal Analytics. It could also involve looking over your existing Google Analytics account to provide insights on how you can grow your business or gain efficiency in your advertising programs.

An in person training session can work wonders to introduce Google Analytics to your extended team through a highly customized “hands on” experience.

Individual Google Analytics training is something that I offer frequently at DemandQuest in Minneapolis, MN. For those of you located outside of this geographic area, I am currently working on offering training in more locations as well as online training. Please request training if you would like to help me plan for future training locations.

With all projects, there is no long term commitment needed. In fact, my goal is to hand over the reigns to you and your company as soon as I can.

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Common Questions About Working with Jeffalytics

Deciding to work with a consultant is a big step for most organizations, so let’s do our best to proactively answer some of the questions you may have.

Why don’t you list any long term Google Analytics consulting engagements?

The goal of my consulting practice is to transfer knowledge to individuals and organizations. If I have done my job well, then we should be able to get this done within a few months. With that said, since Google Analytics changes so often it may make sense for me to give quarterly updates to your organization to keep the team up to speed. This is something that can be done at any time. In fact, most of my business comes from repeat customer engagements because both your organization and Google Analytics are constantly evolving.

If I Request Jeffalytics, Will I Really be Getting Jeff?

Yes. Jeffalytics is currently a one person organization, so I will be personally providing all consulting services.

How much do you charge for an engagement?

My rate starts at $4,000 per day plus expenses. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in working together.