Cy: Change History Report in Google Analytics

Change History Report in Google Analytics

Today, we’ll be talking about the change history report in Google Analytics.

Account in Google Analytics

This category is jam-packed with settings, reports and insights within a Google Analytics account.

We talk about all things user management and other Google products related to Google Analytics.

We peek into the administrator section and learning what the settings mean.

We also check out custom dashboards that we can set up to share data with our organization. When dashboards don’t do what we need, we also have custom reports to combine many aspects of Google Analytics together.

Custom reports are a great way to get metrics and dimensions from multiple reports to show up in one place. We can export them to excel, google sheets or even as a PDF.

Account in Google Analytics

CHANGE HISTORY: Who did that? When did they do it?

The change history report in Google Analytics shows you major changes made to your Google Analytics account. It shows when the changes were made, and by whom.

This is important because these changes made can affect others reports within Google Analytics and the quality of data in your account. With this report, you can keep track of these changes and make sure they are done correctly.

This report is particularly useful for larger organizations, which usually have more users accessing the account.

Change History Report in Google Analytics

Intermediate. But I do recommend you to get to know this report right off the bat.

Change History Report in Google Analytics

  1. Don’t get locked out. When you’re setting up user access in the admin section, make sure you have access to view the change history report. You’ll need “Administrator” or “Edit” access in order to do that.
  2. Practice good governance. Not all changes will be recorded by this report. It is not a replacement for good governance; it is not a fail-safe feature. Make sure users access is duly granted. Only users with proper understanding can change/ edit important features (so as to not mess up the account).


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