Episode 20: Ivan Rečević

Today for our 20th episode, we will talk with Ivan Recevic, Marketing Technologist at Large and the premier analytics specialist in Serbia.

Ivan and I met at the Superweek conference in Hungary a few years ago and have kept in touch ever since, most recently connecting over our mutual friend Uros. You might recognize Uros as the guy who edits each episode of the Jumpstart podcast and produces the awesome songs at the end of each episode.

When talking about upcoming guest ideas, Uros said it would be great to hear a perspective from someone who is providing digital marketing and analytics services in a small country. What are the challenges when dealing with a smaller population?

It turns out that while there are many challenges associated with going after a smaller market (in the case of Serbia, 7 million people), the experience is more similar than you would think.

Now I don’t want to give away all of the insights before we start the episode, so listen along to hear some great stories from both Ivan and me about what it was like to grow a digital marketing business over the past 10 years.

We recorded this episode while I was spending time in Washington DC, and it will be going live right around the time I am delivering a speech at the most recent Superweek conference in Jamaica.

This episode is sponsored by the Periodic Table of Google Analytics. Have you been following along as we release new periodic table of Google Analytics videos on our YouTube channel? We have some awesome learning coming out three times a week.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Ivan

On performance marketing:

Digital marketers should bring more sales. Period. Click to Tweet

On significance of attending conferences:

My visit to Superweek #spwk in Hungary a few years ago was a career changer. Click to Tweet

On the future of digital marketing, once upon the time:

Everywhere in the world digital marketing is on the rise. And it's going to be BIG. #tbt from 2007 🙂 Click to Tweet

On drawing meaningful insights from analytics tools:

Don't jump into conclusions the moment you grab a hold onto data Click to Tweet

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