Episode 14: James Loomstein

james loomstein talks about digital marketing

Today’s episode features a conversation with James Loomstein, and I have to say a lot of what we learn from James felt like looking into a digital mirror. It would be cool to have one thing in common with James, but we have so many things in common that it almost becomes creepy.

But I guess it’s the good kind of creepy?

We will learn all about James’ career, but for this intro I just wanted to focus on a specific date. June 12th 2009. That was the day that James was “let go” from the great big Agency he had been working for. His platinum status with American Airlines, clients on both coasts. Fancy meetings. All gone.

So he went back home to his wife and three-month old, first born child and figured out what to do next.

He took the leap of faith and decided he’s not going back to his previous path. He decided to quit being a wandering generality and become a meaningful specific.

Quit being a wandering generality and become a meaningful specific Click to Tweet

From tiny college auditoriums to Madison Square Garden we bring you a story of a hustler, of a family man who adapted to all the challenges that he faced. We learn life and business lessons and arrive at one simple fact: you don’t have to be the best in the world to succeed – you just need to be the best in YOUR world.

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Quotable moments from this week’s episode

It’s hard to choose one lesson learned among many given by James during our conversation.

But if I were to choose one, it would be to get a deep skill and become a meaningful specific (instead of a wandering generality).

This is something that I have believed intuitively for years, but never had a term to describe my thoughts. The terms James uses to describe the differences are spot-on. That’s probably why he’s such a good educator.

Some more quotes from James that we loved?

About generation gap:

People under 25 never lived through a down economy, but if you're 35+ you've had it twice Click to Tweet

On making most out of different perspectives in life:

How you view the world depends on where you sit Click to Tweet

About newcomers in digital marketing:

The most valuable marketers have technical core skills. Data people, Analytics people, the ones who can set up #GTM Click to Tweet

On networking:

Always visit local meetups and user groups - You never know who you're gonna meet Click to Tweet
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