Episode 33: Jen Havice

Today for our 33rd episode, we will talk with Jen Havice, copywriter extraordinaire at Make Mention Media.

Even though Jen and I are from the same location in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, we did not cross each other’s paths until 2016. But from there, the floodgates opened.

When I needed some help with the landing page for my Analytics Course, my friend Peep Laja at ConversionXL highly recommended that I talk to Jen.

When I started working on my upcoming Agency Course website, Jen’s name came up again and again as someone to talk to moving forward. So we met for coffee last month, and now she is a guest on the podcast.

Funny how these things work out.

But as you listen to Jen’s career journey, this becomes a common theme. Many of the things worked out for Jen through self study, networking with others and mastering her craft. Now she is an in-demand conversion focused copywriter. It was great to hear about her journey.

This episode was particularly interesting to me, because conversion copywriting is not something we have talked about on the podcast. The idea of getting into the thinking that goes into decisions our prospective customers make, and using feedback to increase chances of buying really hits home to anyone working on the web.

It makes a lot of sense to provide the most clear information we can to our prospects in order to get them to buy what we are selling. It’s not just the words we put together, but it’s the way we arrange them to sway prospects into customers that counts. Jen gives some practical tips about how she makes this happen in our interview.

Now I could go on all day about the importance of conversion, but I would rather have our expert tell you that part. So let’s get to our interview with Jen Havice.

If you like what Jen has to say, I definitely recommend that you check out the special offer she has provided to podcast listeners. It’s a free download that tells you how to get more conversions using your customers’ own words.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Jen Havice

On the biggest career impact:

What really helped my #jumpstart is connecting with the influencers. Click to Tweet

On making that most difficult 1st step:

Just dive heads first and put yourself out there. You'll see that one thing leads to another. Click to Tweet

On testing your copy in the wild:

Test the messages you send. What works for you doesn't necessarily work for your prospect. Click to Tweet

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