72: “100% on Purpose” – Talking Business with John Doherty

If you have been around the world of SEO in the past few years, you probably recognize John Doherty based on his avatar. At least that’s how I first spotted John, with his signature plaid shirt and beard.

John has been a contributor to the SEO world for nearly a decade, so even if you don’t recognize the name, you will probably recognize his work for sites like Zillow and Trulia.

But all of my talks with John lately have been about entrepreneurship. You see, we are both working at building businesses that help improve the quality of relationships between agencies and their clients. If you have listened to the podcast before, you are probably familiar with my side of the story. And if you stick around for a few more minutes, you’ll hear John’s as well. It’s inspiring.

Before we get to the present, let’s start with the past. John learned SEO while helping to run a book publishing company from a tiny village in Switzerland. He turned to SEO and content marketing in order to market English-language books online from a tiny office in a Swiss chalet.

We all have to start somewhere, but I think John’s location takes the cake. Consider me a little jealous, actually. Although my life isn’t all that bad. This episode is going live while I am celebrating my wife’s birthday in Bali. No need for a pity party.

After a successful career as an SEO consultant, John went client side with his efforts. And as he outgrew that work? Entrepreneurship took over.

And this is where we spent much of our conversation in today’s episode. Talking about scalable business models, selling better consulting projects, and how to validate business ideas.

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Quotable moments from our talk with John Doherty

On success requirements:

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur you need to at least show up every day. Click to Tweet

On success requirements:

Protect the downside. Click to Tweet

On success requirements:

Be patient. There are a lot of side-skills to master. Click to Tweet

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