Episode 42: Josh Shogren

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Today for our 42nd episode, we will talk with Josh Shogren, a college student and founder of Passion into Paychecks.

Josh and I met just recently, but I think you are really going to enjoy hearing his story. Unlike many of my guests, who have long established careers in the world of marketing and analytics, Josh is still in college. But don’t let his age fool you; Josh is wise beyond his years, and I found our conversation incredibly insightful.

So how did I end up having a college student on my podcast? Easy. Josh tweeted me and I clicked on a link in his bio. After about 20 minutes of reading about his background, I was hooked! This guy was building his own little website empire, all while going to college.

On his website, passion into paychecks, you can see a case study about how Josh invested in a website and turned it into a profit generating machine. I was impressed by the transparency he put into the site, as well as the community he has established. A lot of people are invested in his success.

He provides monthly updates on how his site is doing, and other valuable insights. So be sure to check out Josh’s site and other resources we provide in the show notes so you can read about his adventure.

Of course, this isn’t his first website. That dates much further back. But I’ll let Josh share that story with you.

If you want to hear an inspiring tale of how a college student is building a long-term business strategy, then you’re going to love my interview with Josh Shogren.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Josh Shogren

On starting a website from scratch vs buying a neglected one and turning it to a cash cow:

It's harder to grow from 0 to $10k than from $10k to $50k Click to Tweet

On getting organic traffic:

Write about a topic you're familiar with - that's enough for a unique angle! Click to Tweet

On risks that go along owning a business:

Diversify your revenue source otherwise you could get wiped out IF a major turnover happens Click to Tweet

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