Episode 3: Julien Coquet

How does a linguist become a thought leader in the web analytics community?

By following the opportunities that come up along the way. Julien Coquet took advantage of several opportunities and projects that found him responsible for helping organizations understand the effectiveness of their website. Over time he became a thought leader in the web analytics community.

Today we learn how Julien was able to find his way on this career path, the wisdom he has gained over the years, and we also hear Julien’s advice for the next generation of marketers and analysts.

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While the entire conversion is quote worthy, I particularly like his advice about being diplomatic in the way we share results with our organizations. Presenting data is not just about presenting the facts, but instead it is about positioning our findings to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Here is some more sage wisdom from today’s episode

On dealing with the political structure of an organization as an analyst:

“Politics always plays an important role in reporting and optimization. There are always ways to present your findings with concrete numbers that show ‘if you only did this, you would grow your business by so much'”

On making others in your organization look good:

“Present your findings in a way that can make your +1 shine and everyone wins”

On the difference between being “right” and winning in the end:

“Being right is not the most important thing, being diplomatic is… Making ideas that are yours, the ideas of other people.”

I even added some of my own advice:

“If you are the smartest person in the room, act dumb. Nobody wants to be one-upped”

On how to stay interested in web analytics over time

“Each client is truly unique, so you can always keep looking for new stuff that is unique”

On best practices:

“A best practice is usually someone else’s practice.”

Just because it worked for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you. Don’t base your entire strategy on something you read on the Internet.

For more wisdom and quotes from Julien, be sure to listen to today’s episode.

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