Episode 2: Krista Seiden

Krista Seiden has a background that doesn’t scream analyst on the front end, but boy has she made a name for herself during her career. Starting out as a pre-med major and eventually shifting to economics and political science, Krista originally thought that she would have a career in politics. Now she is influencing millions of people all over the world as an Analytics advocate for Google.

How did she get there? You have to listen to Krista’s journey into the world of digital marketing.

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Krista used her intelligence, drive and ambition to achieve one of the most coveted positions you can have as a digital marketer. And she did it in record time if you ask me.

In this episode, you will learn how Krista had quick wins early in her career, how she chose mentors to help guide her through career options, and the process she went through to evaluate every opportunity in her career.

My key takeaway is that if if you take initiative, you will open doors for yourself. Both right away, and doors well into the future. Krista has done everything right in this industry, and as a result, she has one of the most coveted roles I can imagine, at a young age (no, I did not ask her – that would be impolite of me).

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My favorite quotes from Krista:

“A lot of people think that analytics and the technical side of digital marketing isn’t a very creative field. But I would definitely say that they are wrong. And it is the people that can get creative with the data and the stories, and how you are pulling it all together that really do succeed and blossom in this industry”

And on the topic of being a female in a predominantly male field:

Don’t look at people based on gender when considering for a role (a technical expert or a digital marketing expert). Click to Tweet

Krista’s Advice to young marketers:

Find mentors in the industry early and often for advice and career exploration. Your mentors don’t even need to know that you are using them as models! Click to Tweet

I loved this point from Krista. Mentorship does not always have to be an active relationship. In fact, in most cases it is not something that happens actively between two people. Many leaders follow by example, and mentorship can be as simple as learning from these examples.

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