Episode 18: Larry Kim

Today for our 18th episode, we will talk with Larry Kim, the founder of Mobile Monkey and one of the most prolific bloggers I have ever seen.

Seriously, this guy has been in beast-mode for what seems like years.

If you have been in the online marketing game, you have probably seen Larry Kim’s posts. If not, you are missing out!

I have learned a lot from Larry Kim over the years, and find his insights on both the industry and entrepreneurship to be very insightful.

It was great to see this all come across in our podcast episode today.

Larry took the path of mixing the technology and the industry, and that path has brought him to WordStream, a profitable and growing business that is successful by any measure.

While we discussed sharing knowledge and the best practices Larry said: “It’s not about secretly discovering a recipe for success and jealously hiding it from the world. Quite the opposite!” Then he added:

There's a race out there about who can give the best stuff Click to Tweet

This episode is being released while I am on a train to Verona in Italy, and was recorded during my recent visit to Minneapolis. It was freezing cold outside, but I got fired up hearing about Larry’s entrepreneurial spirit.

For the dessert we prepared sempre fresco summary song straight outta Jeffalytics rock’n’roll kitchen, as we’ve been doing for all the Jumpstart Podcast Season 2 guests. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing it after all the juicy entrepreneurial advice from one of the top online marketers!

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In 2015 I released an online course that teaches you Google AdWords. One of the tools we recommend using for management is WordStream, which was founded by our guest Larry Kim. Tools for PPC are awesome, but it’s important to have the fundamentals down as well. Our course is a perfect compliment.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Larry Kim

On being ready for each opportunity:

Before you ask for a second chance, fix the reason that got you rejected. Click to Tweet

On being productive with blogging:

Estimate a topic complexity before you dive into research. Click to Tweet

On finding a career niche:

Position yourself at the intersection of at least two different skills. Click to Tweet

Food for thought:

Do organic results with higher CTR get awarded better rank by Google? Click to Tweet

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