74: Will Google Try To Kill Agencies? A Chat With Maddie Cary

Today for our 74th episode, we will talk with Maddie Cary, Director of Paid Search at Point It and the biggest Beyonce fan of all time. And those are her words, not mine.

Maddie is a top PPC influencer, and an all around bundle of joy to have in your life. And I can prove that fact, since it was Maddie’s tweets during the MnSearch Summit that made me feel like an all-star after getting off the stage.

You may be asking yourself, how does one become a top PPC influencer? What type of education is needed? What is the career path?

In Maddie’s case, it started with an internship at Point It. And it’s been all up-hill from there, clawing her way up through the organizational ladder and now leading the entire paid search team. As Drake said – she started from the bottom, now she’s here. And while I didn’t clear the Drake analogy with Maddie ahead of time, I hope she isn’t too upset with the comparison. Though something tells me she’d me happier with a Beyonce comparison. Next time, Maddie, next time.

So what did we talk about in the episode? Some awesome topics, like how agencies should build out their teams (around clients or specialty), incorporating audience data more into search strategy (and where Google is falling short), attribution, and whether Google is trying to kill off agencies.

This is truly a report from the trenches, as it’s clear Maddie is dealing with PPC and Google on a daily basis. Maddie’s insider knowledge is worth the listen alone.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Maddie Cary

On client relationships:

Clients pay us so they can worry less about the things we do on their behalf. Click to Tweet

On ppc success:

Google makes it very easy for you to launch a #ppc campaign. Perhaps a bit too easy. Click to Tweet

On voice search:

One of the top puzzles in ppc today is how to leverage #VoiceSearch. Click to Tweet

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