Episode 23: Marty Weintraub

Today for our 23rd episode, we will talk with Marty Weintraub, founder of Aimclear and as far as I know the inventor of Psychographic targeting.

What can I say about Marty Weintraub? First of all, he’s a man of energy and action. You can’t hear him speak without feeling smarter (and often confused). It’s not just his presentation style, though, but rather the information he presents. It’s like peering into the future.

Our conversation was no different. Marty gave us the super quick version of his life background filled with music and artistry. Then he talked about how he first discovered the world of Internet marketing.

I’ve heard Marty’s back-story before, but this was my first time hearing about the transition.

Things moved pretty fast for Marty once he found his true calling, and the rest you could say is history.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Marty

About his team:

People are my greatest joy Click to Tweet

On using previous experience:

Brainstorming a chorus with bandmembers is a lot like a creative agency meeting Click to Tweet

On making the most out of Facebook ads:

You are not a Facebook user doing marketing, you are a Marketer doing Facebook ads Click to Tweet

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Jeff Sauer is an independent Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Teacher based out of a suitcase somewhere in the world. Formerly of Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA.