86: The art of niching down your business with Matt Inglot

Matt Inglot is the Founder of Tilted Pixel, an agency specializing in membership sites, and the host of the Freelance Transformation Podcast.

Matt and I were connected by AJ Wilcox, a friend of the podcast and all around good guy.

Both Matt and I run podcasts, so AJ mentioned that we would be a good fit for each others show. I was a guest on Matt’s Freelance Transformation podcast back in January, and Matt is now a guest on Jumpstart.

This podcast was a lot of fun to record with Matt, because we got to see each others podcast process, the roles we play as hosts, and get both sides of a picture. When Matt was the interviewer, he let me do most of the talking and had the episode progress along. He was great in the role of host, but I wasn’t sure how he’d take to the role of guest.

And as you will see here, Matt is an awesome guest, willing to share stories, heartbreak and the victories that came in his business.

There is a lot to learn from Matt’s story during the early days. And even more to learn from how he turned things around in his business to the successful point he has reached today.

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