Episode 17: Melissa Mackey

Today for our 17th episode, we will talk with PPC Expert and industry thought leader Melissa Mackey from Gyro marketing.

Melissa Mackey is a PPC expert with many years of experience in the field. How much experience? She was using Google AdWords back when you could get clicks for 5 cents apiece.

While working for a company that sold magazines through direct mail, Melissa was asked to investigate that Google AdWords thing.

The rest, you could say, is history.

Melissa soon learned AdWords inside-out and found many ways to optimize and improve the results she could obtain through search advertising.

That curiosity and desire to drive results is a guiding principle of Melissa’s success.

But not only that, Melissa is a valued member of the PPC community, a thought leader through her blog, and a speaker at premiere digital marketing conferences.

Much of her success can be attributed to a curiosity and passion for delivering the best results possible for her company and clients. This curiosity helped guide her to paid search when the industry was in its infancy. It has helped her learn Facebook advertising and other media in order to ride the next waves of advertising.

Perhaps my favorite tip from Melissa is about joining the community. Think about all of the positive things that have happened to her since joining the PPC Chat community on Twitter.

Communities are alive, folks! Follow them, read them, and once you build up your confidence, interact with them as well. Remember, you have two ears and one mouth. Use them accordingly.

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Quotable moments from our talk with Melissa Mackey

On importance of sharing:

Writing about search helped me understand search Click to Tweet
You can't form a coherent thought unless you understand the topic Click to Tweet

On developing a personal brand:

Read, communicate and always ask questions Click to Tweet

On difference between platforms:

People go to #Google search with a mission, if a lot of eyeballs is what you need go to fb Click to Tweet

On networking:

Meet people skin-on, go to conferences! Click to Tweet

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