66: The Anatomy of a Publishing Dream Team with Michelle Robbins

Today for our 66th episode, we will talk with Michelle Robbins, SVP Content & Marketing Technology, Editor In Chief at Third Door Media (the folks behind Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, MarTech Today, and the SMX Conferences)

The beginnings of my conversation with Michelle date back much further than I would have imagined. Sure, we met for the first time in the summer of 2017, but Michelle has had her hands in many of the aspects of my career development in search.

When I read that article about SEO, PPC or Analytics? Michelle’s website creation served it to me on a silver platter.

When I attended an SMX conference? Michelle built the system that handled my submission.

Many of the major movements in Internet marketing history have happened on systems built by Michelle Robbins.

How did Michelle get started?

Let’s go back to the mid 1990’s. The Internet was barely a thing. Uninstalling programs from Windows was a major pain in the butt (Ok, maybe that hasn’t changed much over the years). My favorite search engine was Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia.

In Orange County, California, the SEO industry was incubating in the sunny environment. And Michelle Robbins was soaking it all in.

At first, she started in sales and marketing. Soon, she was receiving 1 to 1 mentorship from hardcore computer programmers and industry visionary Danny Sullivan.

That mentorship, combined with two years of computer programming education is what pushed Michelle down a path that lead to her current positioning in the marketing world.

Building a publishing dream team

Fast forward a decade. When Danny Sullivan wanted to put a dream team together to build his vision around Search Engine Land, guess who he called on to build the website?

Michelle Robbins of course! You are going to love the story of Michelle’s career – it blew my mind a few times.

If you have ever touched a WordPress installation, read an article on Search Engine Land, Marketing Land or MarTech, or just if you have any curiosity in your body, you will want to listen to this conversation. Michelle covers the value of technical marketing, web programming, and much more.

Plus, I even had a chance to geek out and ask her some questions about how to scale a website to the crazy levels from the master herself.

So many gems here. Make sure you listen up! Let’s get into our conversation with Michelle.

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  • September 21, 2017
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