68: Geeking Out on SEO and GTM with Mike Arnesen


Mike Arnesen got his start in the digital marketing industry by building his own personal website. He was amazed what he could do by just editing style.css and, later, tacking up PHP templates.

Then he started blogging about random nonsense and writing thorough reviews of the punk rock albums. These posts lead to traffic from Google and comments from random people on the Internet. And that’s how his love of digital optimization and SEO was born!

Sure, there was some Dungeons & Dragons, a job at MySpace and lots of JavaScript involved as well. As you can tell, Mike is a pretty fascinating guy.

Now I have personally known Mike as a guy who likes to push the envelope with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. There have been several times where I read and shared awesome posts about analytics, only to see Mike Arnesen as the author. And that’s why I wanted to have Mike on the Jumpstart podcast.

Have you ever wondered if an agency can thrive while “providing value as a service”? Well, this is a term that Mike has coined to describe what he does at Upbuild. They don’t focus on selling SEO audits or GTM stuff. They exist to provide value to clients. And sometimes that comes in the form of SEO, GTM and all the others.

Mike isn’t going to ever sell you #1 rankings for a keyword or a bulletproof analytics implementation. He provides his clients with technical marketing geeks who are going to do everything they can to be valuable, in whatever shape that takes.

That’s a hands-on approach that you don’t see all that often in agencies. But if you listen to what Mike has to say, it seems to be working quite well.

Let’s get into our conversation with Mike Arnesen!

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Quotable moments from our talk with Mike Arnesen

On mastering digital marketing craft:

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On writing SEO blogposts:

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On recognizing talent in digital marketing:

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