Episode 7: Mike King

What happens when you take a performer with a tireless work ethic and teach him SEO?

He pulls rank on the entire industry.

It hasn’t taken long for Mike King to become a refreshing voice in the world of SEO, but it took him a while to get there.

SEO wasn’t Mike’s first job. It wasn’t even his 10th job!

Mike King Jobs
Mike has a background in computer programming and music. He was signed as a recording artist and toured the world performing for 8 years.

Then Mike discovered the world of SEO. To get a feel for Mike’s flavor of music, watch this video of him freestyle rapping at an SEO conference.

A man of many talents, Mike is also quite busy. So I was honored when he agreed to do an interview for the jumpstart podcast.

We recorded this episode while I was in Dubai, and I am afraid that the audio quality and connection was not as high as previous episodes. But the content? It’s golden.

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Highlights from my talk with Mike King 

It took Mike a while to arrive at his career in SEO. Much like Cyrus Shepard. It just proves that you can still be successful without following a traditional path. In fact, you can be more successful when bringing other experiences to the table. Mike’s performance career translated very well to inspiring a crowd of marketers.

Mike has also created a strong personal brand. We heard Aleyda Solis talk about building a brand in Episode 6, and now Mike is talking about it here. Both realized that their personal brand was very valuable. So valuable that they used it to start their own agencies.

Quotable moments from Mike’s interview

Mike is a quote machine!

On structuring blog posts:

Releasing a blog post is like releasing a song - @ipullrank Click to Tweet

On structuring presentations:

Presenting in front of the audience follows a format just like performing in front of an audience Click to Tweet

On becoming a better communicator with your audience

Doing a presentation in a country where they don't speak your language teaches you a lot about communication Click to Tweet

On being entertaining in presentations:

I just want to be not boring Click to Tweet

On finding your calling:

Figure out what it is that you're passionate about and be the person who owns that inside and out Click to Tweet

On improving as a presenter:

Watch the game tape from your presentations and learn how you can improve Click to Tweet

On creating high quality work that gets noticed:

I'm a perfectionist and I want to make the best thing possible Click to Tweet

On starting an agency:

I want to surround myself with people who are better than me so we can execute on our great ideas Click to Tweet

On his rise in the SEO career path:

There was a lot of winning - @ipullrank describes his career in SEO Click to Tweet

On being based in New York City

You meet everyone that you want to meet just by being here in New York Click to Tweet

On digital strategy:

What is the problem you are actually trying to solve? Click to Tweet

On finding the best clients:

I'm not trying to be a vendor I'm trying to be your strategic partner Click to Tweet

The best advice that Mike received:

You don't know everything learn as much as you can from everybody you can Click to Tweet

Mike’s advice to marketers:

Stay curious and learn what others around you are doing Click to Tweet

Get to know Mike better

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